Debord, Rutherford and Giroux

 Phenomenology: Debord, Rutherford and Giroux


The essay begins with Gramsci’s impression of hegemony that he defined as rule of the dominant over the subjugated. Next it moves on to DeBord who looks upon a worldview that is a sort of consumerism that is maintained by Capitalism, the hegemony in his instance, to oust the Left from the world stage and sustain its unrestrained rule. Next, Rutherford is touched upon and it is found that he seconds DeBord’s view of a mass consumerism that is sustained by the media to propel a hegemonistic force to power on the world stage. Giroux is touched upon next and he seconds all these views and adds that the worldview presently is much influenced by terrorism and its counter-measures that have since sponsored wide alternating bands of violence and fear in the spectacle – as DeBord defines the world view or even experience – a barrage of images and impinges upon the individual itself and draws it away from itself in the present and, thus, in the future whose past it is.
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