Senior Power



This paper examines the role of various political movements that have effect on the status of the elderly in USA. The increase in the number of elderly population in United States of America has made it important that this chunk is extended help and support in various ways. The role of AGE, AARP and other movements and policies for the elderly have been discussed .The role OAA and programs under it play has also been mentioned.

Political Movements and Programs

The median age in the country has increased from 30 in 1980 to 36.8 in the year 2008 (US Census Bureau), which is to say that the American  population is getting older by the day. The reason for this increase in the age is majorly due to the surge in the numbers that is 65years and over in age. It has jumped from 25,550 thousand in 1980 to 38,870 thousand in the year 2008( US Census Bureau). By the year 2030 the number of persons aged 65 and older will be about 70 million and constitute nearly 20 per cent of the population. (Binstock, 1998).  This is certainly not a demographic that can be casually dismissed and therefore needs to be a priority area in the agenda of any government. However, history tells us that little has been achieved without the requisite push from the citizens in question or someone voicing concerns on their behalf. This brings us to the importance of political movements, interest groups and programs that help in improving the condition of this vulnerable group of population.
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