The two parties, Schwazzeneggar and gay marriage

The essential difference between the Republican and Democratic Parties may be summed up in the view that each Party holds on the power of the Federal Government. The Republican Party favors a decentralized form of Government, favoring free trade and enterprise and the economic rights of the individual. The major focus of the Republican Party policy has been defense and external affairs, strengthening America’s role as leader of the free world. The Democratic Party however is in favor of a more active role for the Federal Government in the States and in domestic policies, thereby supporting a centralized form of Government. Its major focus has been on improving the economic conditions of the weaker elements of society through the provision of increased Federal Government funds and the implementation of nation wide policies on issues such as health and education. The outlook of the Republican Party is conservative, tending to uphold traditional Christian beliefs on issues such as homosexuality, while the Democratic Party is more liberal in its outlook and tolerant of individual differences.
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