Adolescent and Parental Conflict

Adolescent and parental conflicts arise in different ways. The common issues of these are the disagreements on what is desirable, what is appropriate, what is right and wrong, what is allowed and not allowed, what is essential, and some others that adolescents and their parents often disagree on. But what are the causes of these conflicts? Age gap, sometimes synonymous to generation gap is considered as the main cause of parental and adolescent conflicts. In a traditional home setting, parents are the ones who call the shots. They are the ones who are followed and the ones who impose the rules. But due the emerging individualism of Americans, diversity is observed. Parents are more lenient to their kids nowadays and allow them to speak their side of the story. Adolescents today are freer to speak up about their opinions and ideas, which encourages a different level of communication with their parents. Although in general, this is a good thing, there are some concerns arise between adolescent and their parents.
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