Praxis II Preparation

Students will tend to cause disruptions in class for a number of reasons. In most cases, it may be due to natural loss of concentration. In Adam’s case, according to Mr. Potter, it was a way of getting attention, a cry for help. However, he chose to ignore his behavior in the hope that he may tire himself out or just get bored. Thompson et al (2010) explains that a need to be pleasing to others is necessary in order to avoid rejection and that one’s survival depends on whether people love them. This is the reason why Adam is always entertaining the class so that his approval rating is always high. The teacher’s resolution to ignore Adam could be justifiable. Johnson (2011)   says that if one has a short temper, the students will take advantage of one’s short fuse. Since his misbehavior occurred repeatedly, it was a signal that he needed help.  The teacher should have inquired about Adam’s situation at home. This could be cause of his poor performance and stubborn behavior. If Mr. Potter felt that he was not a qualified counselor to help Adam, he could have sent him to the school’s counselor or psychologist.
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