The Management of Suicide in Prison

Suicidal acts in prison involve the self-infliction of damage with variable degrees of awareness (Towl and Crighton 346). It comprises all actions of self- harm, irrespective of the degree of physical harm or the seeming reasons for the action. According to Towl and Crighton (346), in case of death in a prison the issues of answerability are more urgent than in any other cases. This is because prisons signify a great system of state power. In the implementation of such power, it is duty of staff and management to be liable to the community as an obligation of equality and justice. However, achieving effective answerability in prison is an exceedingly hectic and poorly understood procedure. This has result to holding of a full and community inquiry in presence of a jury in most cases of death in prisons. The aim of this inquiry is to find the identity of the dead, the reason of the death, and the situations near the death. However, the practical steps that can be taken by the prison staffs in the management of the suicidalare extremely delicate. This has made the management of the suicidal in prison be one of the most thorny task in the prison.
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