Validity and reliability

A Report on the Validity and Reliability of Personal Spacing Behavior Verbal Frequency Questionnaire

More than just a physical construct, personal space is defined as “the distance component of interpersonal relations” (as cited in Gifford & Sacilotto, 1993). One of the earliest studies on this matter defines the concept as the space around an individual which is felt to be personal, belonging to self (Dosey & Meisels, 1969). Accordingly, this personal space can be manifested through various behaviors that may be consciously or unconsciously exhibited by individuals. Likewise, personal space is apparent in a broad range of situations – even in crowded conditions where in the physical space is very limited. An example of such situation happens in trains which are always packed with passengers. In this case, people engage in certain behaviors in order to maintain their personal space given the lack of physical space. Moreover, though it is not a physical concept, it is possible to quantitatively measure personal space through the use of a dimensional scale. In an attempt to do so, a questionnaire, in the form of a verbal frequency scale, was developed that contain ten items, describing different spacing behaviors that people engage in.
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