Developing a Christian Mind

In his final hour of life, Moltke had a feeling of gratitude. He felt that he had already finished what God had called him to do in life on earth. On this realization of the accomplishments he had made pertaining to God’s planes for him, It was a great pleasure fro him to face life after death where he was now ready to take up the other task that God had for him in the second Phase of life. He faced the hard bit of road ahead which was the juncture of death by celebrating his life and accomplishments. He knew that one of the major things he is going to receive on the other side of life is rewards from God which served as motivation for him to face it. When someone lives as if he or she has already finished, this short-circuits growth and purposeful living. We are all created with a purpose and a calling that we must fulfill in our entire lifetime endeavors. We attend to our calling by acknowledging the limitation we have to define our identity. It is until we fulfill the requirements of the name that we have in order to be rewarded by being given the name that we rightfully poses of God and no one else including ourselves.
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