Illegal Immigration in the United States


Before going to discuss the impact, causes, and effects of illegal immigration in the United States, let us get a better understanding of what illegal immigration actually is. Illegal immigration refers to the act of people to migrate to some other country illegally. According to Marie, there exist various economic pressures along with political and social pressures, which force people migrate to other countries (11). Illegal immigrants not only include those immigrants who enter the premises of a country illegally but also those people who possess legal documents for the entrance but they overstay in those countries. For example, some people go to other countries on visit visa but stay there for more than the actual duration. Let us now discuss the causes and effects of illegal immigration in the United States of America.

Causes of Illegal Immigration

There are different factors, which force people migrate illegally to foreign countries. Some of the most significant causes of illegal immigration include political or economic issues, social issues, unemployment, strict immigrations laws, unsecured borders, poverty, and structural demand in developed states. Lack of employment opportunities and scarcity of resources are the major factors behind illegal immigrations.
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