Illegal Immigration in the United States

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Before going to discuss the impact, causes, and effects of illegal immigration in the United States, let us get a better understanding of what illegal immigration actually is. Illegal immigration refers to the act of people to migrate to some other country illegally. According to Marie, there exist various economic pressures along with political and social pressures, which force people migrate to other countries (11). Illegal immigrants not only include those immigrants who enter the premises of a country illegally but also those people who possess legal documents for the entrance but they overstay in those countries. For example, some people go to other countries on visit visa but stay there for more than the actual duration. Let us now discuss the causes and effects of illegal immigration in the United States of America.

Causes of Illegal Immigration

There are different factors, which force people migrate illegally to foreign countries. Some of the most significant causes of illegal immigration include political or economic issues, social issues, unemployment, strict immigrations laws, unsecured borders, poverty, and structural demand in developed states. Lack of employment opportunities and scarcity of resources are the major factors behind illegal immigrations.

Poverty in the underdeveloped countries is the major factor, which causes poor people migrate to other countries, such as the United States of America and the United Kingdom. Such people do not have documents that are required for legal immigration, so they go for illegal ways to migrate to developed countries. Some people do not have required documents whereas some people do not have enough money to apply for legal immigration. Therefore, they use illegal ways to move to the developed countries.

Economy of a country plays a major role in defining the future of the country. In the today’s world, the economy of most of the countries is facing downfall, which is creating adverse affects on the lives of the people belonging to those countries. One of the most critical consequences of economic downfall is the increase in the rate of unemployment, which makes people go to financially stable countries to find employment. Economic disturbances force many people to take shelter in safe and wealthy countries (Yoshida 2).

Effects of Illegal Immigration

Rise in the number of illegal immigrants has caused a number of hazardous issues for the United States of America. USA is one of those countries, which are facing the issue of drug trafficking and increased rate of crimes as it holds a large number of illegal immigrants. Along with drug trafficking and crimes, some other problems caused by illegal immigrants include increase in diseases and less employment opportunities for the local people. Employment opportunities for the local people become less, as employers prefer to give jobs to the illegal immigrants on low wage rates.

Increase is the number of crimes is one of the major drawbacks associated with immigrations. Some percentage of the immigrants falls into criminal activities when they do not find jobs or any kind of work in the countries where they migrate. Some of those crimes include kidnapping for ransom, stealing money, rape, robbery, physical attacks on the local people, and harassing other people.

If we talk about the United States of America, increased rate of crimes due to illegal immigrations is a very critical issue. Researches show that illegal immigrants have increased the overall number of crimes in the country and the main reasons behind that increase are the social and financial issues of the immigrants. Increase in the terrorist attacks and threat of terrorism are also associated with the issue of illegal immigrations. The famous and terrible incident of 9/11 is also an outcome of illegal immigrations where a group of terrorists hijacked some planes and hit them with the world trade center.

Drug trafficking is also one of the most critical issues associated with large-scale immigrations to the United States of America. Sherman states, “It refers to the illegal process through which narcotics and other illegal drugs are produced, transported, and sold” (7). Drug trafficking is a business which earns a lot of money to the drug dealers, manufacturers, and all other people involved in this business. The immigrants involved in this business harm the roots of the society. “The link between illegal immigration and illegal drug trafficking has become almost indisputable and crime-related problems for law enforcement officials” (Bailey 97). Increase in the cases of illegal immigration cases is the main factor behind increase in drug trafficking in the United States of America.

Drug trafficking is one of those activities which earns a lot of money to the people involved in this business. Some reports from the CNN new channel reveal that most of the illegal immigrants who come from other countries to the United States of America have a single purpose to smuggle drugs to the drug dealers who are already present in the United States. Most of the illegal immigrants are usually uneducated and they do not have any educational certificates to get a good and respectable job. Such people do not have time, money, and an understanding of the US legal process, which are necessary to get legal immigration (Kenney 12). Therefore, they enter the United States illegally and get involved in Criminal activities, which are able to earn them good money.

Impact of Illegal Immigration

The impact of increased number of crimes, increase in the rate of unemployment for the local people, and drug trafficking is not good for the United States of America. In the U.S., crimes such as violence, rapes, drug trafficking, and terrorist attacks cause threat and terror in the minds of the citizens. Increased rate of crimes due to immigrants put a negative impact on the minds of local citizens and they start thinking negatively about all immigrants.

Along with terrorism and different types of violent crimes, drug trafficking also puts a negative impact on the youth of the United States of America. Drug trafficking harms the lives of local citizens as a large number of young adults become addicted to drugs and different controlled substances. Agents of drug traffickers mostly target the youth because young generation is more likely to become their easy victims. Go states, “Illicit drug users are unaware of the fact that drug abuse indirectly or directly affects their family, their neighborhood, their business, their education and their health adversely”. Drug trafficking also leads to very critical health diseases, such as, AIDS. Some studies show that almost 50 to 60 percent of the newly registered AIDS cases include those people who are involved in using controlled substances using same needles.

Drug use harms the thinking abilities of a person making him/her unproductive for the society. Law enforcement agencies of the United States need to take special measures, such as, intercepting a high percentage of illegal drugs to end all businesses related to manufacturing of illegal drugs. Researches show that at present, only a small percentage of illegal drugs are being intercepted by the agencies, which is one of the main reasons behind increase in the business of illegal drug manufacturing.


Summing it up, illegal immigration causes many problems for the United States of America, such as, increase in violence, drug trafficking, increase in the number of crimes, and law breaking. Some of the major causes of drug trafficking include strict immigrations laws, unemployment, unsecured borders, and poverty. Increased rate of crimes and drug trafficking are two such issues which put a negative impact on the minds of local citizens regarding all immigrants. The government of the America needs to take effective steps to control illegal immigration because it is giving rise to a number of problems for the country.

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