Knowledge, Skills and Ability

Employees in the field of Social Work need to be efficiently and adequately prepared in many different methods of assistance to fulfill tasks and obligations successfully.  The following paragraphs will demonstrate my ability to perform these necessary tasks, complete with allusions in personal experience and education in the related field. Psychology, especially in the psychosocial realm, is a very important part of the social work field.  While employed at the Renal Care Group, DaVita Dialysis, and Tressler Lutheran Services, evaluation and documentation of psychosocial needs was essential in the successful completion of my work.  While at Tressler Lutheran Services, I implemented the programming and development of care programs in eighteen months, growing from zero children in care to twenty-six families and their adolescents.  At DaVita Dialysis, I managed a caseload of 140 (Upland) and 75 (South Philadelphia).  I was also in charge of psychosocial documentation and assessment.  Most recently, at the Renal Care Group, I managed a caseload of 160-180 patients in regard to psychosocial issues, while also completing psychological evaluations and on-going adjustment and treatment assessments.
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