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Social Science
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Employees in the field of Social Work need to be efficiently and adequately prepared in many different methods of assistance to fulfill tasks and obligations successfully.  The following paragraphs will demonstrate my ability to perform these necessary tasks, complete with allusions in personal experience and education in the related field. Psychology, especially in the psychosocial realm, is a very important part of the social work field.  While employed at the Renal Care Group, DaVita Dialysis, and Tressler Lutheran Services, evaluation and documentation of psychosocial needs was essential in the successful completion of my work.  While at Tressler Lutheran Services, I implemented the programming and development of care programs in eighteen months, growing from zero children in care to twenty-six families and their adolescents.  At DaVita Dialysis, I managed a caseload of 140 (Upland) and 75 (South Philadelphia).  I was also in charge of psychosocial documentation and assessment.  Most recently, at the Renal Care Group, I managed a caseload of 160-180 patients in regard to psychosocial issues, while also completing psychological evaluations and on-going adjustment and treatment assessments.

Another important issue when in social work is the ability to work with different types of people and different types of problems.  I have assisted a very diverse population during my time in the field.  At both the Renal Care Group and DaVita Dialysis, I worked primarily with adults, helping them adjust to the facilities and their physical state.  While employed at Tressler Lutheran Services, Children’s Choice, and Family and Community Services of Delware County, I helped primarily with children and adolescents.  I was assigned with resolving familial disputes, increasing capacities for childcare, and providing clinical therapy to adolescents and their families.  Along with employment, many of the organizations that I belong to also demonstrate my willingness to work with many different people, especially those who have different needs.  The following organizations especially focus on this ability:  Domestic Abuse Project of Delaware County; Legal Advocate, “Hot Line” Counselor, Seminar Leader and Options Counselor.

Education also showcases this ability, and in 2005 I received a Drug and Alcohol Counseling Certificate from Villanova University.

When at any venue that serves others the way that social workers do, it is very important to manage cases effectively while following up with all of the cases previously encountered.           The latter, following up with previous cases, is highly demonstrated by default, because of all the different places that I have been employed.  No matter what the caseload was worked, or what facility I was employed under, it was always essential to follow-up with any case.  My list of employers and organizations certainly speaks for itself on this issue.

Effective case management is another important facet of work in this field and I have been responsible for managing many cases and implementation of such management.  As previously stated, my heavy caseloads at DaVita Dialysis and the Renal Care Group showcase my ability to deal with cases effectively, while dealing with many at a time.  My work implementing care programs at Tressler Lutheran Services, demonstrates my ability of effective case management as well.

While assisting clients it is always important to coordinate these services in a medium that is approachable by the community that surrounds the clients and in a way, gives back to that community by effectively helping the clients.  Any of my previous employers, especially Tressler Lutheran Services and Family and Community Services of Delaware County certainly demonstrates this essential quality.  My belonging to the following organizations, excluding those already mentioned, demonstrates this quality as well:  National Kidney Foundation, Counsel of Nephrology Social Workers,  Past President of Brandywine Chapter of National Association of Social Workers (NASW); Founding Member of Woman’s Forum at Rosemont College; Former Board Member of United Communities, Southeast Philadelphia; and former Member of Greenwich Square Neighborhood Association.

The skill of successfully communicating with clients and employees is essential when performing any task, especially those in social work.  While at Family and Community Services Center of Delaware County it was essential to defuse conflicts with clients in a very brief period of time.  In an environment where typically very little time was available before children were put into the child welfare system, consistently provided quick evaluations, assessments and decisions resulting in family oriented solutions.  While at Children’s Choice, in spite of a high-pressure environment, I devised creative team building and morale raising activities which resulted in achieving financial and employee development goals.  Also at Tressler Lutheran Services, I devised a balanced set of job selection criteria, including test results, supervisory experience, ability to motivate employees and knowledge of procedures which resulted in hiring the best individual for a position that would otherwise gone to a less qualified person, based on test results alone.

With knowledge of the importance of quality employee selection, it is imperative and justified that only those with the appropriate backgrounds and skills be chosen for positions in this field.  I have over 20 years of experience in social work, starting with my education at Rosemont College, and continuing with my work various facilities in different regional locations.