Population Growth Analysis

Britain’s population is densely populated. When compared to France, the country is twice densely populated. In the year 2001, the population of the country was recorded to stand at a low of 59 million people. Britain is ranked 18th in the world in terms of its population size. This paper is a research on the population status of Britain and the effects that are generated by the status of the population. In the year 1950, the population of the country stood at around 50.6 million people, by the year 1970 the population had increased by a whole 5 million people. This increase ignited concerns and as a result, the government appointed population panel. By the year 2011, the population of Britain had exceeded 62 million, and the rate of increase stood at half a million per year. The increased net migration into the country and natural increase due to the rising fertility levels answers this population increase. The birth rate of Britain stands at 12.29 births per 1000 people, the death rate in the country is 9.33 deaths per 1000 people in the population. The net migration rate stands at 2.6 migrants per 100 people in the population. Britain has an infant mortality rate of 4.62 deaths per every 1000 live births (Barrow, 2012).
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