Why a black would chose conservatism over liberalism

The political unrest or divide in America today is very clearly between the black and the white. The blacks or the Africans were brought to America more than 400 years ago against their will. They worked from dawn to dusk to create wealth for a nation that has denied them freedom and opportunity till today. The social and cultural recognition has not been granted to them and they are still looked down upon by the whites; they are still oppressed and differentially treated than the whites. The two political ideologies namely, liberalism and conservatism, are both defined and controlled by the whites. Nevertheless, when confronted with a choice why a black would opt for conservatism over liberalism? Liberals and conservatives share the same political principles, differing only in degree. While both believe in public and private sector, liberals call for a larger government than do the conservatives. Conservatives rely on religion and tradition while liberalism believes in science and collectivism. A study conducted by the Bay Area Center For Voting Research[1] shows that the liberals remaining in the nation are the African Americans although the black Church is supposed to be ‘conservative’.
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