Society Needs Responsible Fathers


Today’s children are tomorrow’s citizens.  They are future parents too.  Responsible fathers turn their children into respectable, law–abiding, and disciplined adults.  This is necessary for any nation / country to prosper in all respects. An irresponsible father turns his children’s lives chaotic and destroys their well-being.  This is the most unwanted thing in any society.  In this backdrop, society needs responsible fathers, not just fathers.

Thesis statement

A responsible father has to play three important roles in his life to transform his children as respectable citizens.  In the role of a father, he should build up their character mending their ways whenever necessary.  In the role of a strict disciplinarian, he should take steps to see that they do not go astray in their lives by awarding suitable punishments.  In the role of a playmate, the father should boost up their self-confidence and turn them into healthy citizens.  When a father performs these three roles like a seasoned actor, the children become perfect citizens.
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