Drag racing

Drag racing is a unique form of racing which hooks it’s racers to it like a drug addict is addicted to drugs. During the 1940s, in Southern California, drag racing had started to become a very popular thing to do. This was seen to be an increasing hobby post World War II. People did not come on streets to race for money or any other motive of such sort, rather to show off their mechanical skills and have a nice time. The races started off with between two cars over the same distance. The drivers used to spend hours and days and weeks working in their garages building cars to race. These races had no time limit, no experience limit and no cash prizes.  Even the winner was decided by ‘who ever touches the bump in the road wins’, proving that these races took place only for fun and passion of the drivers. These races, held in dry lake beds in Southern California, gathered a lot of people. People would show up with their girlfriends and families and enjoy the view of the race taking place. The drivers were so hooked only this activity and were so passionate about it that their need for speed would be seen to be only continuously increasing. Men were so attached to drag racing that just the smell of nitro and the smell of tires would be more than enough to charge them and make them energetic and excited for race. As thrilling as all of this sounds, drag racing, however, carried a very bad reputation at that time.
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