Health and Wellness Hospital Network Simulation

The case is a three-phase project to integrate information systems at the Health and Wellness (HEWE) Network for improved productivity and profitability.  Phase 1 integrates the clinical and financial systems.  Phase 2 develops a disaster planning system.  Phase 3 implements a revamped Scheduling System.  Three key stakeholders: CEO Dunn, who wants an efficient and profitable HEWE; VP Wood, who wants HEWE profitable; and CIO Leibermann, who wants a smooth network information system. The organizational requirements (Simulation, 2005a) for Phase 1 are: Redesign the information system for faster and error-free patient processing.  Use new technology to transfer information faster and more efficiently.  Use the new system for better decision-making by providing accurate and timely information.  Use the new system effectively to enhance HEWE’s image.  Comply with market and regulatory requirements as prescribed by Center for Medical Systems (CMS) and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations regarding data safety regulations, client confidentiality, and data security.  Train employees to use the system independently and efficiently. Ensure that trained employees are capable of becoming superusers and thus, mentors for new users.  The project budget is $1 million.
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