Artist research

Jose Parla

Jose Parla was born to Cuban exiles in1973 in Miami, Florida (Bello, 2008).  He started painting in 1983, although even as a young kid Parla already loved to draw “adventurous type of drawings” such as mazes and graffiti on walls (Bello, 2008).  In 1988, he received a scholarship to study painting at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia (Bello, 2008).  He then studied at The New World School of the Arts in Miami (, n.d.).   He combined the new methods which he learned at school with his own style.  Among the awards that Parla received are The Scholastic Art Award and the Frances Larkin McCommon Scholarship. Parla describes his paintings as “Segmented Realities” because each layer that he puts in his work has a story to tell (Bello, 2008).  His paintings are a combination of “intricate flowing layers of beautiful script, stacked collage, heavy textures and self-blended pigments” (Bello, 2008).  The layers and textures of his painting reflect his memories during the different phases of his life (Aloa, 2009).  He finds inspiration in the “surfaces of deteriorated walls and remnants of construction markings” (Aloa, 2009).  One can observe that Parla’s paintings are replete with calligraphic and palimpsestic codes which according to him are records of his experiences and a personal journal (, n.d.).  He goes on further to say that, “With this language I hope to communicate and provoke thoughts of the past and present conditions in the human spirit” (Aloa, 2009).
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