It is necessary to stress that art always has been the part of human life. People need to produce pictures, drawings and sculptures in order to demonstrate how they precept the world around them. They also need the works of art for inspiration and relaxation. The sculptures under consideration are worth attention as they appeal to human soul and imagination; they help to relax and admire art. They are Adam (by Antoine Bourdelle) and Five Seated Figures (by Juan Munozis). Although these sculptures were made in different time periods, it is possible to find some common features in them. The first one – Adam – was created in 1888-1889 and the second one – in 1996. Both the sculptures depict people. Adam is exhibited in Cullen Sculpture Garden and Five Seated Figures can be found in the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston. The first distinction between the two sculptures is their genre. Adam has much in common with classicism when it was fashionable to produce the figures of gods and biblical characters. He is naked and looks troubled. Perhaps, the author depicted the character’s state after leaving the Garden of Eden. If there is only one person depicted by Antoine Bourdelle, there are five of them in Juan Munozis’s sculpture. People there are men in suits.
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