Zombie cinemas

Visual arts and film studies

Typical in all zombie cinemas, there is always an apocalypse that marks the termination of civilization. It is true that horror movies reflect society’s anxieties and fears from war to disease outbreaks. These movies also illustrate how societies breakdown. Usually, breakdowns are as a result of the absence of power and energy. Resulting in anarchy that is, what distinguishes humans from animals. The fear that the comforts present with as that enable peaceful daily living will not always exit (Altheide & Michalowski, 2010: 475). Whether it is fear that humanity may turn against each other in a greater magnitude than historical wars or humanity may be wiped out by disease, these movies show the opposite of peaceful co-existence, the brutality of the absence of kindness in the human population.  What makes zombie movies a fascination to its audience is not the movie but the situation the zombies create. The movies remind us of our frailty, worst personalities, our weaknesses but also our strength and hope in restoring humanity.
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