50 Best Persuasive Speech & Essay Topics: Ideas and Writing Tips

December 18th, 2017 | Posted by GradeMiners

A persuasive essay is aimed at convincing the reader to agree with a chosen idea and to motivate them to adopt your point of view. In fact, working on this assignment, you should prove that one idea is more legitimate than another by using a series of logical arguments.

A persuasive essay seems to have a lot in common with an argumentative essay. But crafting the last one you should create a discussion to showcase that your point of view is valid. At the same time, writing a persuasive essay, you have to present all reasons why your opinion can be considered as the only correct one. No doubt, whether you’re taking a stand against junk food at school or trying to convince a professor to accept your late paper, the ability to create a compelling persuasive essay is necessary to help you get your point across clearly.

Every student knows that in most cases you get a particular topic assigned. But sometimes you can be asked to select one yourself. Freedom of choice is great. On the other hand, it can turn into a daunting task, especially when you’re not sure whether or not your choice is good. To help you with this challenge, we’ve created a list of winning persuasive essay topics.

How to choose a great topic for your persuasive essay

The first thing you have to realize looking for a perfect topic is that your opinion is what matters the most. When it comes to a persuasive essay, don’t try to please your teacher by choosing something that would be interesting just for them. When you’re allowed to write about anything you want, never rely on someone’s thoughts about the topic you like as a pivotal criterion for your decision.

Finding the topic of your interest will help you work harder on your project and show your style in the best way possible. Besides, it’ll give you the added motivation to persuade the reader and choose appropriate evidence, facts, and details to achieve this goal.

Here are some useful tips to help you choose the right topic:

Always keep in mind that a perfect persuasive essay should be persuasive. The bottom line is that you’re not going to compose another informative paper. It really has to be persuasive. Take into consideration our suggestions on persuasive essay topics.

Easy persuasive essay topics

Controversial essay topics

The best essay topics for college

Master’s degree essay topics

Still can’t choose a topic? We can help.

If after reading a list of really great topics, you still can’t choose one to write about, feel free to ask GradeMiners for assistance. Our qualified academic experts will help you find a perfect persuasive essay topic according to all your requirements and write a custom-tailored model answer.

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