Highlight the main viewpoint in Conflicts essays

December 4th, 2017 | Posted by GradeMiners

The two ways on how to structure Conflicts essays include first expressing and stating a clear viewpoint in the essay, and secondly, being reflective, neutral and balanced in all the arguments made. The following tenets relate to the first point; clear viewpoint.

Keep Conflicts essays reflective, neutral and balanced

Conflict essays could sometimes be very emotive, a situation that calls for a lot of reflection and critical analysis. In real conflicts, people make all types of accusations and as a media, you may need to be very critical in order to understand the real issues to separate issues from positions as earlier stated. However, this task is not possible unless the mediator is very neutral and perceived to be balanced. The same should be translated into essay writing as the role of the author other than expressing the viewpoint by considering the following:

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