The basics of choosing genetic research paper topics

November 16th, 2017 | Posted by GradeMiners

The past 50 years have seen the knowledge on genetics reach unprecedented levels; from the discovery of DNA structure to the knowledge of gene sequencing that is behind human life. So great is the influence of genetics that a better understanding has the power to influence all aspects of life from medicine to ethics.

Writing a paper on genetics is, therefore, a worthwhile venture for most scholars, and it is highly likely that you will encounter such an assignment during your studies.

When making the important choice of what to write about in your research paper, you need to keep in mind the rationale for studying genetics. The topic must take into account a combination of basic concepts of genes, gene expression, and DNA while at the same time incorporating methods used in genetic analysis and touching on the social and political impacts of genetics.

A well-chosen topic is one which will leave the reader with an in-depth understanding of an aspect of genetics, effectively communicate complex scientific information and allow you to utilize your knowledge most productively. In addition to this, choosing the right topic will reduce the difficulty of writing a good research paper by ensuring that the topic has enough credible resources to research.

With this in mind, you can proceed to choose on out of the genetic research paper topics in the list compiled below.

Recommended genetic research paper topics

Research on the relationship between obesity and genes with the intention of finding out whether there are people who are genetically predisposed to suffer from obesity. Your research should result in a conclusion as to whether anything can be done to treat or prevent this condition.

Is probably one of the newest advances in genetics research and will provide a fertile area for research. This topic will require an investigation into any link between genes and homosexuality

Will involve research on whether genes are behind certain conditions and abilities including:

This topic will require you to research on the role played by technology; more specifically you could decide to write about:

Under this topic you will research the genetic causes of various types of cancer such as Breast cancer, Prostate cancer etc. This topic is extremely relevant in raising awareness on possible preventive measures in dealing with cancer.

This topic will require that you investigate the genetic causes of disorders that affect the nervous system such as:

This topic has a long history of ethical debate and would require you to take a position for or against it. You could also decide to evaluate both sides of the argument.

Under this topic, you will have to research on advances in the field of stem cell research and its application

This topic will require you to analyze genetic development throughout history with a focus on how human beings evolved. It will require an analysis of what changed in human genetics over the years. More specifically, you can choose to write on:

With any of the above-listed topics, you will be able to write a good research paper on genetics. Remember, topic choice has the ability to make or break your research paper. Choosing a topic, you are interested in will mean that you will enjoy writing the research paper and eventually come up with high-quality content.

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