What is raisin in the sun essays all about?

July 24th, 2017 | Posted by GradeMiners

Raisin in the sun essays addresses the themes surrounding Lorraine’s book. In Lorraine’s Hansberry’s classic, which inspired Seattle Rep’s recent production of Clybourne park, African American Lena Younger lives with her extended family in a cramped apartment on Chicago’s south side. On their unknowing behalf, she places a down payment on a home in Clybourne Park- an affordable white neighborhood. Racial intolerance attempts to derail the family’s dreams in this 1959 masterpiece, which changed American theatre forever and continues to resonate with generation after generation.

Important relevant themes for Raisin in the sun essays

Several themes are vividly brought out in the raisin in the sun play.

Merits of raisin in the sun in the theatre industry

Raisin in the sun play has played a very big role in the film and theatre industry. To begin with, through the raisin in the sun play, writers have been able to come up with good plays that helps boost the drama industry. The themes brought out in the raisin in the sun play have also helped writers in clearly bringing out meanings in their works. The raisin in the sun play has also played an educative role in the society in that most people have learnt two or three things just by reading that play. The play also helped to add knowledge to the film industry as authors and writers were able to borrow some information from the play and incorporated it in their works thus making their works more interesting. Last but not least, the raisin in the sun play has also helped in boosting talents as actors have been able to successfully play what is written in the raisin in the sun book thus nurturing and growing their talents. Therefore, essays addressing raisin in the sun should be able to capture the benefits that raisin in the sun has brought not only to the film and theatre industry but also to the society at large.

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