Tips on how to write in APA format for dummies

July 26th, 2017 | Posted by GradeMiners

You have just started your school year, and you are expected to hand in a majority of your assignments in the APA format. You are, however, having difficulty in meeting these requirements since you have no idea how to cite inside the text or to format the reference page. You may also require help to confirm whether the format you have used is indeed the APA format. Luckily, I am going to give you easy tips on how to write in APA format for dummies.

Learning to use the APA format in your writing is very simple. Always remember:

How to format the title page

The title page of the APA format stands out because it has a running head.

The above should be centered in the upper half of the title page.

Formatting the content

The subsequent pages following the title page should be formatted in the following ways:

Use the following instructions when citing in the text:

(Humpster, 2016)

Humpster (2016)

(Humpster, 2016, p. 77)

According to Humpster (2016), explain what the author states (p.77).

(Humpster & Smith, 2016) or

Humpster and Smith (2016) argue that….

(Hofstader, Cooper, Dawson, & Wolowitz, 2016)

Hoftstader, Cooper, Dawson, and Wolowitz (2016) assert that…

(Wolowitz et al., 2017) or

Wolowitz et al. (2017) support…

Formatting the reference page

The basic format for APA references includes:


Author, A. (Publication year). Title: Capital letter for the subtitle. Location: Publisher

Humpster, D., & Cooper, S. (2016). Capitalism: Its effect on society. New Hampshire: Dragon Publishers.


Author, A (Publication year). Title. Journal Title, Volume (Issue – if any), page numbers.

Wolowitz, H. (2017). The consequences of violent movies on teenagers. Journal of Social Behavior, 2 (20), 6-30.

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