Lesson of Academic Success Based on Example of Kobe Bryant, a Famous Basketball Player

June 8, 2016 | GradeMiners

Academic Success Based on Example of Kobe Bryant

How long does it take to become a master of his craft? And what people do to reach their goals so successfully? John Hayes – a professor of cognitive psychology at Carnegie Mellon University, shows a desire to understand those questions. For decades, Hayes has been studying the role of efforts, practice, and knowledge that have played in the fate of the leaders. He studied the most talented artists in history – people like Mozart and Picasso, to determine how much time it took to transform them into the world classics. Moreover, he is interested in the decisions and circumstances that led them to success on their particular field.

During further research, Hayes found a similar pattern among the famous artists and popular performers. These findings were later confirmed by studies of other professors, for example, K. Anders Eriksson, who held work and find out that you need to practice nearly “10,000 hours” in order to become an expert in your interested area. Success was the result of not just a 10,000-hour operation. To understand what is really necessary in order to maximize capacity and mastery, you need to look at how famous leaders have reached their goals, not just snap your fingers; it requires profound training and practices. Practical skills of NBA superstar, Kobe Bryant, are an excellent example of our concern.

Kobe Bryant is one of the best players in the world and deserves to claim to fame of the most dedicated basketball leaders of all time. Winner of five NBA championships and a gold medalist at two Olympic Games, Kobe has accumulated over his playing career income, estimated to be over $ 200 million.

According to Mike Krzyzewski, the chief coach of the US team in 2008: “It was before flying to London, before the Olympic Games”. In brief: Kobe Bryant has started training about four-thirty in the morning, then continued running and making leaps of up to 6 hours, then he lifted weights from 6 to 7, and in the end, he went to 800 throws in the jump, which were held between 7 and 11 am. And attention! Only at 11 am the US team training had started. It is obvious that Kobe has gained his 10,000 hours, but there is another, even more, an important point in this story.

How Kobe’s personal achievements are related to your academic life

Kobe Bryant - Lesson of Academic Success

It’s simple. His exercises have a bigger purpose. Kobe had an exact and clear goal during every training – make 800 shots in a jump. He deliberately focused on the development of the ability to get to the target. It does not really matter how much time he spent on it. Frankly speaking, his attitude differs from the approach to the work exhibited by most of us. So, you can easily draw parallels with any work or training that you have to perform. When people are talking about hard work, they use the amount of spent time as an indicator of their diligence. I do not have the Kobe Bryant’s natural talent or Mozart’s true intelligence, but I’m ready to pass my “10000 hours” by practicing skills, not just being involved in the process.

This approach is a universal one, even if you are trying to be successful in your class. Practicing even those things you are not interested in, for example even writing essays and research papers on different topics, will help you in the future to work out the ability to set goals and achieve them. When it looks like the difficulty and frustration, often become the development of skills and growth. Don’t be afraid to fail, be afraid of being indifferent.

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