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Not all learners realize that they live in a dream world. Today, they do not have to visit libraries to refer to rare resources, spend money on costly literature, or have sleepless nights working on writing assignments since all these are available on the Internet. In addition, students may even use a grammar checker online to eliminate all possible errors and make their essays perfect.

Since teachers try to evaluate the quality of your knowledge and writing skills, they do not treat grades as gifts but as awards. So, wishing to be at the top, you should do your best and polish your essays. Looking for a helping hand for improvement and error elimination, our free grammar checker online may come in handy.

Free Grammar Check: What Are the Benefits?

Since people are not machines, they are tuned to make mistakes. After spending hours in front of the monitor, all the words split together, letters mixed, and most technical errors may be hard to notice with tired eyes. In such a way, a sentence checker may serve as a tool that indicates and offers to edit all the imperfections. Such a technique has a lot of benefits that are hard not to underestimate.

  •     Saves time. Such a tool can significantly save the time of manual checking and editing. It is perfect for those students who are overloaded with writing assignments or busy with other affairs. Moreover, machines are more precise and faster. They can detect any doubtful mistakes quicker, so proofreading requires acceptance of underlined errors and skimming the final version of the text.
  •     Multifunctionality. You’re mistaken if you consider paper checker a tool for finding misspellings. In its functionality, it is diverse and multifunctional. It emphasizes grammar, spelling, punctuation, and other contextual mistakes. Unlike the usual Microsoft Word checker, it has more options and provides more opportunities.
  •     Language upgrading. Beneficial is the moment that the process of  English grammar check is not automatic. The tool only detects errors and advises on what changes to perform, while the writer’s task is to agree and accept the mistake, rewrite the sentence, or make necessary amendments. Moreover, it offers a list of synonyms you may use while editing.
  •     Easy to use. Application of grammar corrector does not require specific knowledge or skills except copying and pasting text. Moreover, it does not require registration, so you may check as many pages as you need in a short time, avoiding routine registrational processes.
  •     Free to use. The most pleasant advantage of our service is that you do not have to pay for grammar correction. No matter how long your text is or how often you use the checker, we do not ask for any fee.
  •     No specific technical requirements. Since the tool is inbuilt on our site, it does not need downloading or installation. Moreover, the parameters of your gadget do not matter. You may check grammar or other mistakes using different versions of the OS.

The list of benefits may be endless, so make sure that we aim to simplify and accelerate the writing process by assisting with such time-consuming issues as editing and proofreading that can hardly be done by people but are more perfectly performed by specialized tools.

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Correct Your Mistakes Within Few Minutes

The time you spend writing a short essay may equal the editing and proofreading process. Unfortunately, some inexperienced students hesitate to turn to professionals for assistance or use a grammar check online to upgrade the quality of their creations. So, they waste tons of time re-reading line by line and passage by passage, looking for misspellings, or consulting dictionaries in search of synonymic raws.

Unfortunately, such an exact double or triple check does not guarantee perfect quality. And, as luck would have it, when reading with a fresh perspective, a teacher will notice several foolish mistakes that did not get into the eyes previously.

We are glad to inform you that GradeMiners offers a free grammar checker in addition to well-known writing services. So, if you do not have enough time to check your essay several times, are not an experienced editor, or are tuned to make dozens of mistakes that always negatively influence your scores, use the checker.

Be sure it will take several minutes, and as a result, you will get a glossy paper free from any mistakes. So, what do you need to do?

  1. Go to GradeMiners and find a” Grammar Checker” tab at the footer. Click on it.
  2. After redirection, you will see a page with a window where you must upload or paste a text.
  3. After uploading, you will see underlined parts in the text. These are detected mistakes.
  4. Using tips, make all the necessary grammar, stylistic, or punctuation corrections.
  5. Copy the errorless text into a required document.

Such simple steps will benefit your time, grades, and reputation. So, do not hesitate and do not delay implementing such useful online tools in your writing practice.

Make Your Essay Perfect with Our Grammar Checker

Some students suffer from insufficient vocabulary and an inability to express their thoughts logically. To avoid repetitions and poor language, you may use our essay checker. In addition to punctuation and grammar mistakes, this magic tool offers you a list of synonyms to choose from and recommends using idiomatic expressions properly.

In addition, if you constantly use the same word or phrase in each sentence, it will emphasize it. So, your text will not sound strange and bland but will impress your reader with a variety of exciting expressions and synonyms, encouraging reading it as an example to students who are not as diligent as you. It is not a dream with our grammar checker free assistance.

Sentence Checker You Can Rely on

Perfect sentences to make definitive text. But what to do if you get stuck on sentence structure or write too long sentences that prevent comprehension? First, use our online grammar check service. Due to fast typing or changing your mind, you may overlook subject-predicate agreement, miss ending, use improper grammar, etc. Such mistakes can be left unnoticed after several manual checks since we tuned to pay more attention to words than their correlation.

Using our writing checker, you may analyze the nature of your mistakes and try to avoid them down the line. Some consumers admit that they have started considering sentence structure and use direct word order thanks to consistent grammar check free application. So, using our help, there is a tendency to improve your writing skills and basic knowledge of grammar and punctuation. 

Forget About Punctuation Errors

Dots, commas, and dashes are a nightmare for each student. They often submit their papers confidently with the highest grades due to catchy data or references to the latest survey. But what is their surprise when they receive back their essays with a “C” grade and teachers’ remark to pay attention to punctuation? Use free grammar check assistance to avoid such disgraceful moments and not put your reputation at stake.

How is a grammar check achieved? Our program is written to detect mistakes, from misspellings to punctuation. It is set to differentiate parts of speech and put necessary punctuation according to the rules. So, when you type your text, you may miss several commas or not consider the rule on colons. But unlike humans, machines can be precise and attentive even after hours of monotonous work.

So, after pasting your final version of the text to check grammar for free, you will see underlined parts and punctuation recommendations. Of course, you will undoubtedly be embarrassed because of such senseless, and obvious mistakes left unnoticed after rigorous proofreading. But we guarantee that after regular use of our essay checker, free support, and assistance, you will get to know some golden rules of punctuation forever.

Why Use Our Grammar Check Tool?

Some students always rely on themselves, and it is not bad. It motivates them to become better, smarter, and have expertise in different fields. However, there may be other situations when there is an urgent need for writing help or a necessity to check grammar online. It is common today since learners become more overloaded with new and old subjects and extracurricular activities each year. So, even small tips or grammar assistance may simplify the life of learners.

So, how can grammar checkerfree online assistance benefit the everyday educational process of an average student?

  •     Meeting deadlines. Deadline is killing word for educators since they used to delay everything except for fun and entertainment. So, when deadlines approach, they start to rush looking for writing samples or information for their assignments. Grammar is the last thing they pay attention to in a hurry, so correct grammar in their essays may be achieved thanks to our tool.
  •     Higher grades. Mistakes are the main reason for low scores. If information is not a problem today since we can get it from different resources, grammar errors may become a decisive issue during paper evaluation. So, if you do not want to put your grades at risk, do not be lazy to apply our free online grammar checker.
  •     Free and fast. We used to pay for quick and qualified services, so some students do not trust out or charge assistance looking for pitfalls. However, we do not aim to trick you but want to assist those who desire to study and upgrade their skills.
  •     Diverse coverage. Our service ensures the check of numerous grammar aspects, so you may rely on us and be sure that each sentence is perfect and free from errors.
  •     Limitless scope. Most services set limits for machine translation or GBs storage. However, our service may be applied as a paragraph checker or tool to ensure correct grammar in your dissertation.

If you are not aware of opportunities that our service opens in front of learners, you should try it in action immediately. We are convinced that it will raise your self-confidence and improve your grammar awareness. But the main reason to turn to our service is the time you may save since it is priceless and may be spent on more pleasant or important things than proofreading or editing performed by special free tools.


Since our visitors always ask several additional questions as proof of our words, we provide some details and other essential data on our online grammar checker in this section.

Is This Tool Really Free?

Yes, we guarantee that our program is free and has no hidden commissions or limits. It means that you may get a proper grammar check without money spending. Moreover, it is allowed to run an unlimited number of papers through it. We only ask you to indicate your email to get the most profitable offers and keep in touch with us.

Is It Safe to Upload My Text Here?

Be sure that we do not use your texts with commercial aims. All the documents you upload for grammar check are not used by our service and are not used by third parties. Moreover, you may read our Privacy Policy rules and relax since your copyrights are protected. 

Will It Check My Punctuation Mistakes?

Our program is designed in such a way that it detects all kinds of mistakes. So, be sure that each extra coma or double space will not stay undetected. And as a result, you will obtain a text corrected according to all the rules and requirements achieved by our grammar checker online.