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How to Get a Personal Statement for College and Outplay Every Other Candidate

Hundreds of students will be applying for the same college as you with the same grades, skills, and talents. To outrun them, a good personal statement might not cut it. You’ll need the best! GradeMiners is a professional academic writing service which could draw you up a killer personal statement. It will help you distinguish yourself from other applicants and stand out from the crowd looking to take a vacant course spot. YOUR spot! So don’t settle for an average text because admission tutors have to read thousands of those one-size-fits-all, template-based personal statements. Go for a fully custom tailored text based on best writing practices and tried-and-true techniques that bring the positive result every time. Even if your grades are slightly behind those of other candidates, a robust personal statement will haul you forward.

Writing a Personal Statement to Show You’re a Perfect Fit for a Course

“Write my personal statement well, please, so I could get that course spot stress-free…” The better the college, the harder the competition. There would be students with the same grades as yours. And there would also be candidates with even better grades than yours. What they want is to claim that vacant course spot you’ve been aiming at. Don’t let them to! Use GradeMiners – the personal statement writing service that helps students apply for courses at the best American and world colleges. We utilize best writing techniques and time-tested methods to prepare texts that help our customers stand out. Others may have whatever grades they have, it doesn’t matter. Because they don’t have your personality, wits, and the get-business-done attitude. And we’re going to use that to your advantage.

Best personal statements rely on two key things: 1) showcasing your personality in the best way possible, and 2) using writing techniques that have been tested to pay off with the best results. Writing the statement yourself is stressful. You have to do the thing just once, and it’s natural not to know how to approach the assignment the right way. Of course, you can check out statements online by other students, but many will look too different. Only a professional writer knows every in and out of how to create a winning personal statement.

College Personal Statement: 10 Features of Custom-Tailored Writing

We’ve already helped 1000’s of US students to apply for their dream course. These are the cornerstones custom-tailored personal statements by GradeMiners rely on:

  • Give Reasons Why You Want to Study a Course – That’s the key thing many self-written statements lack – a clear, concise, and well-built explanation of why exactly you wish to apply for a course.
  • Explain Why You’re a Perfect Fit for a Course – Just as you wish to take a course, tutors would like to know why they’ll make the right call if prefer you to other candidates. That’s a stumbling block many students fall over, but GradeMiners know how to ace the explanation part.
  • Showcase Your Achievements Outside the Classroom – Grades show your in-class performance. But colleges also care for your activities outside the classroom which would be relevant to a selected course. High school awards, certificates, letters of honor – other applicants will surely be lacking those. And we’ll most definitely use this trick to your advantage.
  • Demonstrate Your Analytical, Critical, and Problem-Solving Skills – Thousands of students could have similar grades, but not everyone knows how to analyze information, solve academic and life problems, as well as critically evaluate various situations a college student will encounter. A professional personal statement puts an emphasis on practical skills.
  • Demonstrate Your Transferable and Soft Skills – Getting along with other students, especially in an international studying environment, is key today. So if some other student has better grades, we’ll beat them with your transferable and soft skills. Colleges do care for their reputation, so grades are definitely not the most important thing when considering to accept a candidate.
  • Provide Examples of Your Skills and Abilities – A mistake other students will make is provide few or no examples of your skills and talents at all. GradeMiners will provide sufficient examples of your victories inside and outside the classroom. We’ll make sure your personality stands out.
  • Highlight How the Course Could Benefit Your Future Career – Everyone has life plans and a certain agenda, and there’s nothing shameful in opening up about it. Explain to admission tutors why the course is key to your future career and professors will see you as a goal-oriented student with a clear plan.
  • Use a Positive, Cheerful Tone of Voice – We always keep a tone of voice positive and lighthearted. Admission tutors avoid toxic and negatively-charged applicants, so we do make sure your statement has a positive vibe to it.
  • Follow Time-Proven Writing Practices – GradeMiners do personal statements for students every year. We’ve already helped thousands of candidates get a spot in a course. We know how writing proper papers is done A to Z. Know-hows and groundwork worth 10+ years of experience could be yours anytime.
  • Perform Thorough Personal Statement Editing – The worst thing a candidate can make is to submit a personal statement with mistakes. A single grammar or syntax error, even a minor one, drops your chances to apply for a course to zero. That’s why editing and proofreading the text takes as much time as actually writing your personal statement from scratch.

The protocol for applying for a course successfully implies three stages. One – order a custom-tailored personal statement. Two – get your essay noticed and impress an admission tutor. And three – land yourself a course spot stress-free.

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Colleges won’t just accept anyone with good grades. Colleges would rather accept talented, result-oriented students who know how to achieve set goals. When there’re two students with equal grades, it’s a personal statement that moves to the forefront. It’s also a common case scenario for a student with lower grades to outrun candidates with a better score sheet by presenting a champion statement. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Use a personal statement writer service to distinguish yourself from thousands of college applicants. They might have the same grades as you. Same credentials. And same plans for the future. But they don’t have GradeMiners covering their back. Admission tutors will be sifting through gazillions of reflective essays from candidates, and some texts won’t be even read by professors at all. But your personal statement will be noticed and read, making the chances to apply for your dream course almost hundred-per-cent.

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