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How to Check for Plagiarism Before Uploading Texts to Turnitin?

Plagiarism check is essential for delivering original articles. Many students make this same mistake – write texts and forget to check them for plagiarism. You should know better. Even if you do homework from scratch, there still could be certain unwitting plagiarism which could jeopardize the successful accomplishment of the assignment.

Avoid plagiarism at any cost by checking all written papers if they’re 100% original. Most tutors ask students to upload papers to Turnitin for grading. Teachers want to know if articles are plagiarism-free. But what if you haven’t run any check prior to submission? Then you might get into trouble. Proving you weren’t plagiarising is always difficult. A teacher might get stubborn and pessimize the final score. Or even call for an administrative penalty. So you’d better not take originality issues lightly. Check and double-check written texts for plagiarism using available tools online.

A plagiarism tool will cross-reference all previously published texts on the internet and tell if your article is authentic or contains traces of unoriginal content. Before a teacher could check your texts in Turnitin, you have to do the plagiarism check individually. Have you already finished writing the assignment? Then have some rest and commence the proofreading stage. You will have to not only look for grammar, syntax, and spelling errors. You will have to locate and fix plagiarized elements as well. Only then the task could be rendered complete.

Looking for the best free plagiarism checker? The solution from our company will fit in well because it’s created with students in mind. We made the instrument simple and easy-to-use. All the needed functions are in place. Visit the service page any time and check your compositions for originality as many times as needed. Word count and number of checks are unlimited. Use the toolkit anytime a new article is finished. Sleep well knowing a teacher won’t complain that your texts contain plagiarism. Because they don’t, and Grade Miners will see to that!

100% FREE Plagiarism Checker for Students

At you will find the dedicated plagiarism software to meet students’ needs. We’ve developed an up-to-date instrument to detect and fix any plagiarism presence from all types of assignments. Our team of developers is constantly supporting and updating the algorithms to decrease the check time and increase the number of sources for cross reference search.

In comparison to other free plagiarism checkers, Grade Miners offer a robust, full-featured functionality out of the box. Just copy and paste the texts in the suggested field and click the check button. In a couple of seconds, the software will calculate the plagiarism percentage and suggest the means of making texts original. If you have no time to meddle with the assignment any longer, you could opt-in for human re-writing to save time and make sure the final draft is completely unique.

All the papers you do should be run through the plagiarism detector. Having an academic writer proofreading and fixing your composition is optional. You could do the job yourself or rely on an expert. It’s just a useful option you might go for when in a time crunch or dealing with personal life issues. Growing tired of doing an assignment is normal. No one wants to deal with an essay or case study for too long. But plagiarism is a tricky business.

Turnitin is a free plagiarism checker for teachers. But would you like teachers to see that your assignment is unoriginal? That’s highly undesired! That’s why prior to uploading any article to Turnitin check it independently using the solution from Grade Miners. Most of the time, texts will contain plagiarism. A little less or a little more, first drafts will have a trifle of plagiarism. A smart student knows that such extracts should be rewritten. But what if a paper is due tomorrow, and you really want to go to bed already?

After you check paper for plagiarism, you could order proofreading and re-write. A Master degree-holding expert of the site will take your document and rework it. The service package will include fixing all the errors and flaws, as well as swapping plagiarized content with new genuine writings. Sometimes a simple rewrite will do. Sometimes passages of text should be reworked from the ground up. In any case, after we work on your paper, it will be 100% unique. Now you could safely upload the assignment to Turnitin.

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“How Fast Could Your Software Check My Paper for Plagiarism?”

Our free plagiarism checker online detects plagiarism in seconds. We’ve been constantly improving the checking algorithms to roll out a hands down fast instrument. We know that submitting original essays is the archstone of academic integrity. Taking such popular instruments as CopyScape as an example, Grade Miners developed a completely new instrument for students which is both more accurate and fast.

Original assignments are the foundation of academic integrity. Following the moral code of studentship is essential to developing as an academician and a person. So when you work on essays and research papers, it’s vital to present authentic ideas without plagiarizing other people’s works. Quoting sources in a correct fashion is another aspect of fostering original writing. Willingly or unwillingly, many students violate the guidelines of APA and MLA in-text citation referencing. And that’s another point to look into when working on written homework.

In addition to a plagiarism detection toolkit, you could consider using our acclaimed writing service. We do college essays, PowerPoint presentations, speaker notes, Math problems, dissertations, high school assignments, creative writing tasks, and other written exercises. Our writers are Master and Doctoral degree holders. We don’t work with undergraduates or dropouts. Most experts have 2+ years of experience in all kinds of text writing.

Do we use our plagiarism software too? When we write essays for customers, writers of the website check for plagiarism all their assignments using this tool. After a custom-tailored paper is complete, the author checks it for plagiarism as a part of the service package. All assignments get checked without exception, while customers receive a detailed report on demand.

Are you working on articles not related to academia? You’re still welcome to use our instrument! Although it’s tailored to service the needs of students, it will help experts in all spheres where original content is must-have. Journalists, copywriters, bloggers – everyone is free to check their writing for plagiarism with the help of our program. We don’t charge money or request any personal details. Check your texts as many times as you want without any word count limit.