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Plagiarism Checker: Free Tool for Students Who Need 100% Original Texts

To write a high-quality and interesting research paper, essay, coursework, etc., you need to have some inspiration. However, you need to be able to abstract from what you read to write a unique paper. Students often do not notice that some parts are too similar to existing papers. Therefore, it may be considered plagiarism. Free plagiarism checker can help you avoid this.

If you are still confused about how it works and why you should initiate a review, there are several reasons for this. You can find all causes and benefits below. And be sure that an online plagiarism checker is a necessary step.

Why Is It Essential to Check for Plagiarism in Any Paper?

The presence of plagiarism negatively affects the work as a whole and its evaluation. And quite often, copying of some parts happens unintentionally, especially in narrow topics. Therefore, the student must prove that their work is relevant and has the necessary degree of uniqueness. For example, legal articles often contain statutes or case laws, which are most likely to prevent unintentional plagiarism.

Regardless of the subject and profile of work, you need to approach the processing of sources carefully. It will help increase the uniqueness and make the text better. The best plagiarism checker for students can find all borrowed parts and pay attention to what is worth paraphrasing. However, the lack of paraphrasing skills allows for a large percentage of plagiarism. In other words, it is also an opportunity to evaluate the correctness of the citation format.

Self-plagiarism checker is an essential step after making all possible edits. However, it is not always possible to notice absolutely all non-unique paragraphs. And therefore, it is better to use the help of free or paid tools for verification. It will help you avoid problems in the future, and you won’t have to spend time fixing them.

What Are the Guarantees of the Free Plagiarism Checker?

Before you initiate checks, you must ensure that this website plagiarism checker is the best choice and will give you what every student needs. There are usually four important points when looking for poorly paraphrased parts of a paper.

It Is Quick

You are unlikely to have an extra day to devote to the plagiarism checker. A reliable tool can check any format, volume, and language text within seconds. You will receive a report almost instantly, where the unsuccessful parts will be highlighted in a particular color.

It Is Safe

Many students fear the service will somehow steal their essays, research papers, etc. or personal data provided during registration. A reliable tool like ours uses encryption to avoid risks and keep its users safe.

It Is Accurate

If you do not use the best free plagiarism checker, there is a risk that another one will not cope with the main task – showing in which sources similar parts are found. The tool checks thousands of pages online and looks for similar sentences and paragraphs, indicating the percentage of plagiarism and a link to the source.

It Offers Corrections

If plagiarism is found due to the check, non-unique parts must be corrected. A reliable tool is always ready to offer the services of an experienced editor who can increase uniqueness up to 100%. If you use these services, your paper will not lose its meaning but only improve its quality.

By initiating a check, you get instant results and tips for improving your work.

How Does Plagiarism Fixer Work?

One of the main advantages of the writing service is writing unique papers according to all academic standards. Each of them is checked for plagiarism and improved until the plagiarism checker online shows 100%. However, students also want to write an essay or a scientific paper themselves but worry about quality and uniqueness. Therefore, they turn to a reliable service for evaluating the work and editing if necessary.

Thus, an experienced editor can edit the already finished text without changing the meaning and improve the grammar and authenticity of specific fragments. Editing includes only corrections of selected non-unique parts if you order additional services. In the following sub-headings, you will learn about four main principles that you should pay attention to for the work to initially have a high level of uniqueness.

1st Principle

Plagiarism doesn’t always mean stealing someone else’s thoughts and research. Basically, it is the misuse of the information in a specific text. To avoid this, always indicate what source you used, including author, book, and page. To avoid missing anything, write down all the sources you use at once. It will help prevent confusion and accusations of plagiarism.

2nd Principle

Students often understand paraphrasing as simply replacing words or using synonyms. However, when you check a paper for plagiarism free, it can be not unique. Try to borrow an idea from a certain paragraph and develop it yourself. Of course, this approach is not always feasible, especially for statistics or facts.

However, in this case, it is worth returning to the first principle – correct quoting. You rehearse before writing down your thoughts. Then, read the paragraph and retell it in your own words.

3rd Principle

The third principle is similar to the first. However, it is a direct quotation. In the first case, some fact or statement is partially paraphrased but with an indication of the primary source. In this case, a direct quote is taken with appropriate quotation marks. The formatted phrase will not be considered plagiarism if it is enclosed in quotation marks indicating the source and its author.

4th Principle

One test is never enough. After fixing all the selected fragments, run the second check. It will help to check the quality of the corrected parts and, if necessary, before correcting the following selection. If the main criterion is 100% uniqueness, many checks should be carried out until the plagiarism checker free shows such a result. An experienced editor can handle this task much faster as they know all the nuances of high-quality paraphrasing.

Final Thoughts

Plagiarism checker online free guarantees high quality and uniqueness of any text. And even highly specialized topics can be written with 100 percent uniqueness if you know how to perfect the finished text. The first check shows non-unique snippets that need to be rephrased. Subsequent checks verify the final result. Experienced editors can bring absolutely any text to 100% uniqueness quickly.


We are sure that you have already understood the importance of checking absolutely any text for plagiarism. However, if you still have any clarifying questions, we have collected them below and provided detailed answers.

How to Check for Plagiarism Legit and Safe?

Plagiarism is a severe violation that entails unpleasant consequences. Therefore, checking the work is an absolutely legal and safe way to improve an essay or scientific work. Thus, it is worth choosing a tool that has proven itself on the positive side and where user security methods are used, for example, data encryption.

What to Do with Plagiarism?

First of all, you need to review the underlined parts carefully. If it’s a direct quotation formatted correctly, it won’t be included in the unique part box. You often need to attach a uniqueness check report to prove your case. However, if these are arbitrary fragments, they must be rethought and rephrased. Try to work with the presentation format. The entire section must be reformatted to correct several sentences of a paragraph.

Is It Expensive to Check a Paper?

There are several free tools to check the finished text for uniqueness. We also provide this opportunity, but beyond that, we are ready to offer something more. Whether non-unique parts are found in your text, experienced editors are prepared to bring your paper to perfection at an affordable price.

Do I Get a Report from the Check for Plagiarism Free?

After the check, you will get a report where all non-unique fragments are highlighted with links to the source and the uniqueness percentage. You can download the report in the required format or take a screenshot. It is a handy feature, especially if one of the requirements is to provide a report of uniqueness.

What Are the Consequences of Not Using the Free Plagiarism Checker?

Colleges and universities take plagiarism seriously in the papers of their students. If you don’t initiate a check and the professor finds it, the consequences can be varied. Students may be forced to rewrite work or get an unsatisfactory grade. However, there are times when the discovery of plagiarism entails disciplinary action against the student. The last variant of events can happen if this is a thesis.

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