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Do you dream of a free plagiarism checker to run all your papers through before submission? Your dreams can come true if you’re a visitor to our website. We provide paid assistance with custom college papers and an absolutely free plagiarism checker for students. It is a high-quality, advanced instrument that can detect any copied fragments in your texts.

Read on to find out how to improve the originality of your papers with our help.

Why Plagiarism Is Bad & How to Avoid It

First, let’s clarify why plagiarism is wrong and why all students need a free online plagiarism checker to receive high grades for their papers. The originality flaws can come unintended as students are urged to include external sources and evidence from academic publications in their papers all the time. Thus, they all consult published sources and take some key facts and stats from those articles, books, and publications to increase the trustworthiness of their argumentation.

As a result of such work, however, many students add plagiarized fragments to their texts. They may lack the skill of paraphrasing the data they have borrowed from external sources or format the citation incorrectly. In any of these cases, the text will be considered non-original, meaning that Turnitin will detect it as flawed and score it poorly.

Thus, as you can see, a plagiarism check is always needed to ensure that your text is free from non-ethically included information from external sources. You need to verify the quality of your paraphrasing and the correctness of citation formatting; if everything is fine with these parameters, your paper may be regarded as original.

Can You Rely on Plagiarism Check

Our plagiarism checker free online is an advanced, smart algorithm that checks millions of web sources to identify any matches and highlight them in the text. Thus, when you check for plagiarism, you are always confident that your professor will not be unpleasantly surprised by the originality results of your home task, giving you the grade that you deserve.

But is a plagiarism checker for free enough to guarantee the complete originality of your home assignment? Definitely not, as the highlighted parts will need to be effectively revised.

Sometimes the online plagiarism checker can highlight large chunks of information, which means that you need to restructure and reword some sentences completely. Under such conditions, you are sure to oust copy-pasted parts from your text successfully, but much work needs to be done to achieve complete originality.

How an Editor Can Fix Plagiarism

When you contact our team with a request to “write paper for me,” our competent authors proceed to write a paper for you in compliance with rigorous academic standards, one of which is the absence of plagiarism in the papers. However, when you write a draft and pass it to us for editing and fine-tuning, we check plagiarism to ensure that we will edit an original piece.

In this way, the editor reduces the risk of plagiarism accusations from the client as the editing task doesn’t involve rewriting your supplied material from scratch. Your paper helper only improves the structure, flow, grammar, and style of the texts they receive. Thus, if your submitted text is originally non-authentic and contains copied fragments, our editors will only edit those parts in terms of mechanics and flow without addressing the plagiarism problem.

Another situation is when you contact us with a request to correct plagiarized fragments in your text based on the plagiarism checker online results. If your order stipulates that paper editing should include achieving 100% authenticity of the ready text, then our editor works specifically on the rewording of highlighted non-original parts.

But how can an editor work through the non-original text parts to make your essay or research paper fully authentic? Here we share some tips that our in-house authors and editors follow:

  • Plagiarism is the incorrect use of external information in your text. Thus, for the paper to become original, you need to credit the used sources appropriately by indicating where you borrowed this or that piece of data. This is best done by keeping track of the sources you consulted in the process of preparing your academic assignment. If you fail to record the sources, you might quickly forget which fact came from an external source and which was developed by you.
  • The second practical approach to minimizing authenticity risks is to paraphrase all external information. The paraphrase should not be limited to replacing words with their synonyms only. You need to experiment with sentence structure, phrase structure, and words. The best method is to borrow only an idea, analyzing it in your mind, and saying everything in your own words.
  • Third, you can always use a direct quote with proper citation marks and a strong emphasis on the fact that this information comes from another publication. Please mention the author’s name in the text, briefly explain what their publication was about, and include the quote in the inverted commas, which serve as quotation marks denoting the start and end of a quote. A quote formatted in this way will not be considered plagiarism during a plag check.
  • The final valuable method is to rerun the review with the same tool after all corrections are made. The second check may help you verify the efficiency of your rewrites, which may be too superficial for the paper to qualify as original. Thus, only after the checker shows a 100% result can you submit the paper to the supervisor confidently and safely.

How to Use Free Plagiarism Checker

So, how to check for plagiarism if you want to achieve 100% effectiveness of results? It’s effortless here; all you need to do is go to the main page’s footer, find the “Plagiarism Checker” tool, and click on it. You will see the box “check plagiarism-free” and will need to insert your text or upload the file to that page. Results of the review are delivered straight to your mailbox.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have doubts about using our plagiarism checker, here are the answers to other clients’ frequently asked questions. Feel free to study this section thoroughly, and you’re sure to find many additional details about its use.

Is this plagiarism check reliable?

On our website, you can check for plagiarism free of charge without risking anything. The tool is rigorous and precise, giving you the exact matches with the identified sources. Based on its findings, you can make adjustments and achieve 100% authenticity of content, which gives a much higher likelihood of a high score.

Is this plagiarism check safe?

Our plagiarism checker, free of charge and totally accessible to all students, is entirely safe in terms of keeping your texts protected. We never share or use the texts our clients upload to the website, preserving your privacy and not saving the review results online. Under these conditions, Turnitin can’t detect the previous check and deem your essay as plagiarized.

What if my paper has plagiarism?

Once our review shows that your text is non-original, it’s vital to take proper measures and improve its authenticity before submission to your supervisor.

First, you can do it on your own by using the highlighted parts and working on them thoroughly (you can use the plan we explained above, the one that our expert editors use to oust copy-pasted phrases from our clients’ works).

Second, you can always turn to the professional assistance of our experts. The team of writers and editors is at your service here, willing to assist with plag issues 24/7 and able to handle any order on any subject.

Can you make a report to prove text originality?

Yes, we produce such reports upon clients’ requests. It’s always reassuring to have such a report at hand, especially if you order writing services from an online provider and aren’t sure about the text’s overall originality. Thus, having such a report serves as an additional confirmation of top-quality work performed on your order.

Anything Else You Want to Ask Us?

As you can see, our company specializes in various types of assistance to students who experience challenges with their home assignments. You can use a set of free tools that can improve any texts you’re writing on your own, and we are sure that after running your text through all these checkers, you’ll receive a higher grade.

Nevertheless, even if you have no time for completing drafts independently, you can count on our writing help as well. Just type “writing my papers” in the live chat, and our manager will provide guidance on all ordering steps and procedures. We can give you a helping hand at any stage of home task completion, so don’t panic if you face strangulating deadlines. We’re here to help you out, and our solutions guarantee top grades to all clients.