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Welcome to The Best Online Plagiarism Checker

The originality of content is at the heart of any academic writing process. When finding and studying available academic literature on your subject, you hone academic research skill. Still, with the help of synthesizing the obtained material, you can show your advancement as a critical thinker and an apt scholar. Thus, copying and pasting ideas from other sources, even if they are a perfect reflection of what you think on the subject, is an unfaithful practice any student should avoid not to stain their academic reputation.

Checking your text for originality is a vital step before the paper’s submission to the supervisor. This is how the system works:

  • You indicate the topic and subject of your paper.
  • You insert the ready text into the plagiarism checker.
  • Press the “check for plagiarism” button and wait for a couple of seconds.
  • If the check shows that the text is 100% authentic, you may submit it to the tutor.
  • If there are some highlighted fragments requiring improvement, perform those revisions, and re-run the check.
  • Make sure to submit the assignment only after all plagiarized fragments are corrected.

Keep in mind that all academic institutions run the texts through Turnitin, and here you have only one chance for success. If the program detects any plagiarism in your paper and you rewrite the non-authentic parts, the next check will be impossible, showing a much higher degree of plagiarism (your paper will already be in the system). Thus, to avoid such trouble, you may use our free checker first to make sure that you’re on the safe side.

Why use the free plagiarism checker here? It offers numerous benefits to students and makes the process of paper’s preparation for submission way easier.

It’s Quick

On our website, you can check for plagiarism within seconds. The length of your text doesn’t matter; the check will be over in an instant, giving precise, reliable results.

It’s Simple

Your free plagiarism check may be completed with only a couple of clicks. Just enter the subject and topic of your paper, insert the text in a relevant box, or upload the file to the system. By clicking only one button, you’ll see the plag check results displayed in a second.


There aren’t too many websites where you can check for plagiarism free of charge. Most websites charge money for this service, and some of them are really expensive.

3 Reasons Why Plagiarism Check Is Always a Must

You may be wondering whether using a plagiarism website is mandatory. Overall, it is a must for all students as even when you rephrase all information taken from outside sources, you may still have some non-authentic fragments in the text. Here is what a rigorous plagiarism check can help you address.

Avoid Originality Issues

In case you plagiarize content (even when you do this unknowingly), you stain your academic reputation. Some students are even put on probation or expelled from college. By using a plagiarism detector, you can avoid such trouble.

Boost Text’s Uniqueness

Unique texts are the ones that contain only your ideas and only your synthesis of data, even if you speak about well-known facts and evidence. Use our plagiarism checker for free to make sure that no non-authentic material got into your paper by accident.

Ensure the Best Result

Our online plagiarism checker guarantees that you will get the best grade for the assignment. Don’t let any non-authentic fragments reduce the grade for your paper – double-check everything.

100% Free Plagiarism Detector for Students

Are you looking for a plagiarism checker online to minimize the likelihood of non-authenticity of your content? Use the tool available on our website for free to dispel all your doubts and guarantee yourself a high grade.

Choose the Subject

Enter the subject into the first tab of our tool on the website. It will help the tool identify relevant sources when they check for plagiarism for free.

State Your Topic

Specify the topic of your assignment in the following tab.

Insert the Text

Either copy and paste the text in which you want to check plagiarism online into the large tab or upload the file into the system. The website accepts .doc, .docx, and .pdf files for the check.

Check for Plagiarism

Click on the button “Check for plagiarism”, and check plagiarism free of charge. Once you press the “start” button, the checker starts comparing your text with websites, blogs, academic journals, and books available online. The check will start automatically, showing the results in seconds.

Plagiarism Scanner Alert: Here’s What to Do Next

Among dozens of free plagiarism checkers, our tool is highly precise and quick, guaranteeing accurate results and insightful analysis of your text. Besides, it is a plagiarism checker free of charge, which makes its use highly affordable for any student. Try it at least once to see whether it suits you, and you’re sure to stay with us for checking every paper before submission. The convenience of our plagiarism checker free online impresses even experienced users.

The plagiarism scanner on our website ensures that you get an unbiased, expert look into your paper before submitting it for the review of your academic institution. Within a couple of seconds, it compares the text in your assignment with thousands of web pages and online resources to detect any overlaps that can cost you grades and reputation.

In case you get some originality alerts, don’t get in despair as there is still a chance to submit the assignment to your tutor within hours. Contact our assistants for proofreading and editing of dubious parts of your text to polish the assignment to perfection.

 Plagiarism Finder and Rewriter: Hire an Expert Who Can Do Both

Once you check plagiarism for free on our website and detect some plagiarized pieces of content, a good idea for fine-tuning your paper quickly before submission may be the expert assistance of our editors.

We are on standby 24/7, ready to provide any assistance with making your papers fully authentic. Never risk your academic performance by submitting a paper that was not plag-checked; even for those who did that intentionally, the price to pay for lack of academic integrity may be too high.