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Top Reasons to Buy Application Essay

The graduation approaches and you are already thinking your college options. Who offers the best programs? Whose ratings have jumped up since the last year? Who has the drama club? Whose tuition can you afford, given all the related expenses?

It’s easy to get a massive headache from all these questions. Let’s assume you have already made up your mind and now have to make it to the college of your choice.

That’s a difficult thing to do if you are a competitive person who chose a high-level institution. Alas, we can’t make your GPA go up or fill in the application form for you. What we can do, however, is write a kickass application paper for you. In fact, we can write as many of them as you need to apply to all the decent colleges (Our advice is to write a custom one for each college to improve your chances of success).

The reasons? We will give you just a few of them:

  1. Significant improvement of the result. Experience matters most in this endeavor, and having insider knowledge does too. Having a few former admission officers among our freelance writers, we can write a knowledgeable essay for college application. It also helps that our writers have done it multiple times before with an impressive level of success.
  2. You save time on improving your GPA. College preparation starts long before graduation, so you will still have time to work on your academic performance.
  3. Some peace of mind. We are sure you are good at writing and expressing your personality on paper, but by hiring external help, you will eliminate the “personal” factor from the equation and rely on pure skill and experience.

Funny enough, writing a college application essay is the most person-oriented thing you will do in terms of academic papers. However, the experience proves that the process benefits a lot from a third-party perspective and contribution. In simple words, another person can describe your merits better than you could do it yourself. This is how the brain works, and it would be a waste not to use it to your advantage.

Writing an application essay under your supervision

Even though someone else will write your essay, you might still want to be in the loop and provide them with the insights. That’s why we have given our customers a possibility to do so! After submitting your order, log in and:

  • Add more instruction files to make sure the writer understands what it is that you need with a sufficient degree of detail
  • Send direct messages to the writer concerning your paper or the process
  • Evaluate the work done

The degree of customer involvement varies and is defined by you personally. This collaboration between writers and customers, however, proved to be an effective tool to ensure the highest quality of the paper.

Why our college application essays are the best

Whenever it comes to finding a good company for writing college application essays, what criteria do you use for evaluation? For us, the following ones are the most important:

  • Originality. There is no way to put it differently – Plagiarism will get you in trouble. That’s why you need to hire a company like, that puts the originality of its work above everything.
  • Timely delivery of orders. It might not matter that much for application papers, but having your order processed and fulfilled on time is still important. We make sure that all your papers are delivered when requested or earlier.
  • Money-back guarantee. What if you suddenly have a change of heart about a certain college? You won’t need your paper anymore! To avoid paying for a paper that you no longer need, it is important to have the money-back guarantee in place. According to our policy, you can have your payment returned to you up until the paper is delivered.
  • Confidentiality. It is important to have your privacy taken care of when getting help writing college application essay, which is why we have introduced strict protection measures, as well as reduced the information we collect from our clients to a minimum.

We check all the boxes when it comes to the most common requirements. And we can offer even more!

The cheapest application essay help

Even though essays for college applications are very important and labor consuming, we do everything in our power to deliver them at an affordable price. Thanks to a flexible system of discounts, we can provide you with a high-quality paper at a very competitive price.

Here at, you can benefit from the following price reductions:

  • A 15% first-order discount. To activate it, you just need to place your very first order!
  • Referral program. Just like it works at any online retail store, you can get a discount by telling your friends about us.
  • Credits saved for the next purchase. Have a percentage of the cost of your current order saved as a discount for your next order.
  • Time-limited promos. We send discount codes to our clients on special occasions.

This is what makes ordering your paper here affordable and even cheap. Try it yourself if you don’t believe us!

Don’t wait – take care of your future now!

Whenever you are ready to hire a professional to work on your application paper, you will have to do one simple thing – fill in and submit the ordering form. We will take it from there!

Don’t let chance decide whether you will or will not get into college. Luck smiles to those who take precautions. Hiring one of our writers is just what you need to boost your chances of success and get some peace of mind while admission officers are deciding your fate.

We promise to keep you updated about the progress of your order. Order SMS-updates if you want to be updated on the go. For any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We are here 24 hours a day!