Abnormal psychology

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What do you consider the most important thing about abnormal psychology?

The most important thing about abnormal psychology is its ability to help professionals understand behaviors and problems of individuals and help them get over the same efficiently using therapies and counseling session.

What do you consider the most interesting thing about abnormal psychology?

The one thing that interests me most about abnormal psychology is the role of the environment  behind it. It is also fascinating to know that each of us will perhaps react and behave differently to the exact same cue confirming the fact abnormality or normality cannot be standardized.

What is a misconception you had about abnormal psychology before you took this class, and how has that changed as a result of what you have learned?

Taking abnormal psychology class has drastically changed several misconceptions that I had about the subject in my mind. Perhaps the most important one would be that abnormality and abnormal behaviors were solely based on a person’s genes or the role of the environment. I was complete unaware of the fact that both genes and the environment could play equal roles in a person’s behavior and stability (Sue et al, 2006). While taking the class I understood the roles that both these factors have on a person. Another thing that the class taught my was the need for genetic counseling for people having genetic predisposition for certain problems.

Conversely, what idea about abnormal psychology did you have before that was validated (meaning, that you realized you were right about?

The one idea that I held about abnormal psychology was its expanse and its multi-faceted approach. The understanding, diagnosis and progression of disorders could be different from one individual to another. In fact, behaviors also have cultural and social implications i.e. a behavior might be considered normal in some cultures and abnormal in some  and this gives rise to the multi-faceted part of the subject. Each case study in the subject is different approach and result wise and simply adds to its expanse. This has been validated by the different teachings of various schools of thought (McDougall, 2015).

How will you apply the information that you learned to your personal life or career (or both)?

Taking the subject in my course has benefitted me in more ways than just one. From the perspective of my career, it obviously adds to me skill set and enables me to work with abnormal patients as well.

On a more personal level, the subject has helped me understand my self and people around me. It is much easier for me to now  recognize and detect mild abnormal behavior which subsequently enables me to prevent further damage.

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