Abraham Lincoln Descriptive Essay

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Abraham Lincoln was born in the year 1809, in Hardin County, Kentucky. His parents hailed from Virginia (USA.gov., 2017). Lincoln’s early life was characterized by his concerted efforts to gain and attain knowledge while at the same time working as farmer in Illinois. Some of the earlier life achievements included Lincoln being the captain during the Black Hawk War, spending eight years as an Illinois legislative member and some experiences from the court. He was married to Mary Todd, ran against Stephen A. Douglas, but later regained national recognition which earned him the Republican Presidential nomination come the year 1860 (Burlingame, 2013).

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Lincoln was the sixteenth of the USA, served between 1860 and 1865 (Burlingame, 2013). He was affiliated with the Republican Party which as Lincoln reformed the party as an active and influential national organization.  In 1864, Lincoln was reelected as the Union’s military marked an end to the Civil War (USA.gov., 2017). He remains as America’s father of peace having convinced the Southerners to surrender their weapons and join the union for a reunion.  However, the Good Friday of 1865 was an unfortunate event in his life as Lincoln was assassinated while at the Ford Theater, Washington (Burlingame, 2013).

The qualifications that made Abraham Lincoln fit or the presidency is that he was a self-taught lawyer, legislator as well as being a vocal opponent of slavery (USA.gov., 2017).  His experience with life and being vocal about ending of slavery and championing for the liberty of the citizens would make Lincoln fit for the presidency at a time when America was divided as the Southerners wanted a break away from the Union. Abraham Lincoln is much attributed to major slogans in the country. For one, the speech he delivered at the Gettysburg military cemetery reminded Americans how the Union soldiers did not die in vain but rather was a dawn for the country towards freedom and liberty (Burlingame, 2013). He is, therefore, renowned for coining the phrase “a government of the people, by the people, for the people” (USA.gov., 2017).

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Abraham Lincoln was elected president at trying times when Americans were lost in the Civil War between the Union and the Southern Confederacy. In his tenure, Lincoln was willing to use every means to avert secession, considering the option as illegal and as such, promised to do everything within his powers to defend Federal laws and fight for the Union.  For example, when the Confederate batteries had fired on Fort Sumter thereby forcing surrender, Lincoln requested for reinforcement from Union to get more 75, 000 volunteers (USA.gov., 2017).  During this event, four states joined decided to join Confederacy while four remained with the Union. Worldwide, the major developments included the development of Henry Repeating Rifle, of which Benjamin Henry had perfected the Henry rifle (Burlingame, 2013). Pony Express was also introduced that improved the communication between Atlantic and Pacific regions. It also marked the era when Otto Von Bismarck was trying to reunite Germany (Burlingame, 2013).

Major contributions to policy and laws include the Emancipation Proclamation that focused on setting the slaves free and abandoning slavery and slave trade. He also contributed to the constitution amendment, the 13th Amendment which would be adopted in 1865 (USA.gov., 2017). Another change that was made was how Lincoln made Thanksgiving into a national holiday. The other main acts like the National Banking Act that set forth the benchmark for financial regulations in the country and as the Conscription Act was passed in the year 1863 (Burlingame, 2013). Homestead Act was also introduced with the income tax policy or law becoming effective in 1861.


Abraham Lincoln has a library named after him, situated in Springfield, the “Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum”.

Lincoln remains in the USA’s history as the father of democracy and liberty. The freedom that people enjoy today is due to the 13th Amendment that granted every citizen civil rights irrespective of race or ethnicity. Democracy is also enjoyed because of the impact that Lincoln had in the American presidency. He also the father of income taxation and the banking and financial sector was also developed and rules and regulations established under his tenure. He taught Americans the essence and necessity of unity, and how Americans should stand to fight and protect what the forefathers had built as they wanted a unified nation where liberty takes precedence.

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