Agency and employment

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One of the unfair employment practices by the American businesses is unjust pay. It is quite rare to find workers who believe that they are making too much money. Some of the American companies are found not providing their employees with fair wage standards. For instance, the retail Wal-Mart company have in many times being criticized for paying its worker’s unfair wages although it reaps enormous profits. Therefore, it is an unfair employment practice to have organizations making a lot of benefit without paying its employees wages that can commensurate their contribution to the companies. Another unfair employment practice of many businesses in America is under-appreciation. Many companies in the United States have been found to be not appreciating their employees for the extra effort they put in the activities of their companies. When the workers in a given organization feel that they are unappreciated at work, they start developing a bad attitude towards the company’s activities, and they become less motivated to participate in any operation of the organization (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart, & Wright, 2003). It is  a fair practice for a team to show to its workers that it appreciate their contribution to the activities of the organization through giving rewards to those workers who put extra effort in attaining the goals and objectives of the company. It is unfair employment practice whereby the employers in business do not set standards that encourage work appreciation for the employee.

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Additionally, many businesses in the United States are found having an unfair employment practice of exercising favoritism in the organization.  There are many forms in which partiality in a given group is applied. First, favoritism is seen during the process of recruiting new staffs to the business. The members of the committee carrying out the recruitment process mostly select the best candidate for the job through favoritism. The selection poses a significant threat to the company’s staff since the incompetent individuals end up been recruited because they are liked by the recruiting members of the committee (Liu, 2016). Second, favoritism is practiced in most of the United States businesses whereby in a given working setting, an individual receives a special treatment when at work.  Some people even get undeserved promotion as a result of favoritism or also get a better work schedule. It should be noted that favoritism is unfair business practice by the employers since it is a destructive force to the morale of workers.

Additionally, lack of providing an opportunity for advancement is another unfair employment practice by the United States companies.  The discriminatory practice creates a ceiling to the career of employees in organizations. The United States organizations do not create the opportunity for workers to be promoted to advance positions after they have gained a lot of experience. A company should create many posts so that the employees may be moving up to occupy them after they have been promoted. The process greatly helps in preventing the employees from having a mind of running to other companies that provide the opportunity for advancement.  Another unfair employment practice is overworking the employees.  Most of the employees in the United States businesses complain of being overworked by the employment management. When workers become overworked, they lose the work morale hence they become unproductive in the business activities.

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Another unfair employment practice in many United States companies is lack of communication. The most significant issue with the relationship between workers and businesses is lack of adequate communication.  The problem starts typically when workers start avoiding speaking to their employers because they fear retribution. However, when the upper management in a given organization lacks practicing open communication to their employees, then it leads to a weak relationship between them and the workers.  It would be a fair employment practice when an organization adopts proper ways of communication as the workers would be ready to give their feedback to the management and contribute towards making of the company’s decisions.

Communication in corporations is an ongoing process, and it should not be viewed as a static event.  When the employees are kept on loop, they have high tolerance towards change. Furthermore, in the United States of America, many companies are seen exercising unfair employment practices by lacking to observe diversity. The issue of lack of diversity is a glaring problem in the modern companies, and it is most prevalent among the tech companies (Chrobot-Mason, & Aramovich, 2013).  When organizations miss out hiring people from different backgrounds, and they train only a homogenous team, they miss out a main strategic advantage. A group which is made up of team members who think and act alike then it stands at a higher risk of failing to attain its goals and objectives. Therefore, it is an unfair employment practice of lacking to consider diversity in the workplace.  Having a broader perspective and skill set of the diverse group made up of talented persons is a significant asset whenever the company is presented with an opportunity.

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