Creative Nonfiction

Subject: 🎨 Art
Type: Definition Essay
Pages: 2
Word count: 474
Topics: Jazz, Creativity, Fiction
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Creative nonfiction (CNF) is a genre that explores true story telling and a form of literature (Barone, 2008). It relates to jazz music which is a blend of many ideas and flavors, therefore, and it comprises of stories that have existed for long and others are being invented (Hackley, 2007). CNF comprises of journal articles, research papers, essays and poems: at times it can be personal or academic in nature (McVey, 2008). The literary craft explores events and experiences of real people giving it a dramatic and compelling desire for a leader to acquire information (Webb & Brian, 2011). According to Chambers, Hasebe-Ludt, Leggo & Sinner, (2012), non-fiction stories cab be thrilling to the reader and causes a fantasy experience similar to fiction, however, CNF tell stories.

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The creativity of the author of CNF is based on the facts a not exaggeration of details unlike fiction which takes details out of context to bring out creativity (Edgington, 2016). Creative involves telling stories of the happenings through reporting as a way of rejuvenating the history of a society (Kroll & Harper, (Eds., 2012). The genre is fast-growing and has attracted many participants with the South –African society (Caulley, 2008). Moreover, publishers are seeking CNF titles to their text as a way of telling authentic stories (Moore, 2010). The uptake of memoirs by public figures at the beginning of the 1990s; rubberstamped the need to understand the lives of certain individuals (Bignold, 2011). The creation of documentaries based on persons allow the public to gain access to the reality of these individuals and hence the growth in the genre.

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