Evil and omnipotence

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Question one

From this particular perception, evil itself can result into goodness where it is found.  This argument elaborates that, where evil is found is better than when evil is absent (Keller, 2016).  It also adds that the earth is a better place with at least some wrongs and evil in it, Rowe, (2001). This particular solution takes two directions. The first view is the atheistic stand. Just by the fact that beauty is heightened by contrast, that particular work itself is a musical one. Example is seen where there is discord, which in a way contributes to the beauty of a particular work in general (Keller, 2016).On the other hand, it may play out with the perception of progress, that the organization within the universe will already be progressive and not static (Langtry, 2008).

This particular solution arises from the belief that the physical evil itself is the primary cause of certain problems that result from evil (Langtry, 2008). From the presentation of Hume’s, though half-hearted, he stresses on the evil as a disease and pain. Various individuals responding to this particular view states that sympathy, heroism and benevolence as the consequences of disease and pain (Rowe, 2001).

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Considering misery and pain as the first consequences of evil, which are particularly the exact opposite of happiness and pleasure (Keller, 2016). Theist measure this particular consequences of evil as an opportunity to accuse individuals who regard good or evil as taking the view of a materialistic and low perspective (Langtry, 2008).

Giving elaboration, it can be termed as the heightening of happiness and the exact opposite of happiness. In its different versions, goods displays itself as sympathy with struggle. This type of good can be termed as the second order of good (Langtry, 2008). It is quite different from the first order of good, which is heightened by happiness and pleasure. Second order good can also manifests itself in form of the feeling of facing danger, decrease in pleasure, happiness, or heroism. The second order with regard to goodness is taken to be much important compared to the first order; this particular argument tries to give the solution with regard to evil.

Question two

Considering this one of the objections. Analysis illustrates the likelihood of existence of evil that is second order (Rowe, 2001). This contrasts vehemently with what is termed as good.   Being that evils antagonizes wrong, it would include cruelty, malevolence, callousness and cowardice and the forms with which wrong is increasing and goo d is reducing. Moreover, as equally important is held with a bit of seriousness as the appropriate good, the one that is being promoted by God. By this particular analogy, the much important evil, which would be condemned by the almighty God if in case God were perfect and omnipotent. (Keller, 2016).

Despite this particular ordeal, it is very painful that the above-mentioned evil still exists. As outplayed by various theists more stress is directed toward the existence of this particular stress. It is proposed that evil should there be stated as in the evil of the second order and regarding this particular problem; the above given solution is taken as useless.

Regarding the answer to particular problem initially objected could be employed at much higher level in giving an explanation with regard to the problem. The new solutions will employ new perceptions and that particular solution would contain minimal plausibility (Keller, 2016).

Question three

I think John Mackie is right in his argument as he illustrates above (Rowe, 2001). I agree with this kind of argument as I think having a world just filled with good would look so meaningless. Having a difficult task on the other hand possess the ground for contrast. Existence of disease and pain   possess the possibility of heroism, benevolence, sympathy and the determination to be free of various associated evil things.

In my view, existence of evil forms the basis of the need to do well. Without evil, there will no basis for doing what is right. If only good exists, there will be no common ground with regard to the measurement of the morality of any action (Rowe, 2001).

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As illustrated in aesthetics, beauty is heightened through contrast. Beauty with regard to any work is perpetrated by its discord (Langtry, 2008). For example, discord in music itself form a ground for beauty. It gives a ground for individual personal opinion.  Hypothetically speaking, if everything was termed good, there will no basis with regard to choice, taste, passion and the desire to do well (Rowe, 2001).

In my view, the universe would be much progressive from the view that there is more determination to counter evil that the other view of absence of evil where things will be perfectly good, as it will be regarded as the supreme and unchallengeable (Langtry, 2008).

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