Family health history

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From the worksheet provided a lot of information is readily available regarding various conditions that are genetic that could cause death to a linear group of family members. In this case, however, I identify that my Maternal Great-Grandmother died of natural causes at age 97.  Therefore, such information shows that in my family line most of the hereditary diseases such as asthma among others are not available since they have not been transferred to my maternal grandmother nor my mother. On the other hand, my paternal grandfather died of natural causes at 96. In this case, therefore, it is apparent that my great-grandfathers died of natural deaths that would not raise any alarm on their next generation (Kaur, 2014). As such, my grandparents have led a healthy life tile late life ages. They would succumb to death on natural causes especially that they were old and fragile not only to foreign diseases but also any other foreign material that would harm their physical or spiritual beings.

Given that I am from humble backgrounds it means that my grandparents had to work all their lives past the retirement years more so because even at these odd ages they were not assured of their livelihoods. Further, they were not well educated which meant that they had to work the small jobs in the society to meet their needs. As such, they never had the time to complain nor visit hospitals for health checkups. Therefore, they worked and hoped that they were never sick of any ailment that was either temporary or genetic.   As such, it was notable that my parents have both grown in health without any diseases apart from the normal ones. Nonetheless, given that my grandparents had everything within their disposal, it meant that my father grew up feeding and living as he whatsoever wanted. As such he turned out obese and a tobacco addict.

As such the conditions of the old man are highly transferable to me and my kids as these traits might have never appeared as all my fore parents were actively involved in hard jobs that burnt all the fats and sugars that lead to diabetes and heart diseases (Maradiegue, 2013). As a result, it remains imperative to watch the diet I practice because unbalanced diet could result in obesity, diabetes, and eventual heart disease. I believe substituting proteins and fats that are usually from junk, and fast foods would become a huge step towards fighting obesity and diabetes. Additionally, observing a diet of vegetables, fibers and fruits would be beneficial to maintaining a healthy body that would fight any other foreign diseases. Further, it is essential to factor in physical exercises frequently. In so doing, the body is in a position to burn out excessive fats that normally accumulate in the body. These fats lead to veins vasoconstriction; a condition that highly contributes to hypertension and eventual stroke (Kaur, 2014). Nonetheless, I have established that my family lineage is a healthy one that requires minimal attention of watching diet and observing physical exercise to avoid development of fatal conditions like diabetes and hypertension.

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