Gun Control Process Analysis Essay

Subject: ⚖️ Law
Type: Process Analysis Essay
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Topics: 🔫 Gun Control, 🔫 Gun Violence
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Gun control entails the most emotional, debatable and contentious issues in several nations, with the argument repeatedly addressing whether rules on the rights of a person to own arms are an unjustified control on authority and whether there is an association between the increase in crime and use of guns. Gold (39) asserts that gun control, enforcement, politics, legislation of measures anticipated to limit the possession, access and the usage of arms, principally the firearms.

Thesis statement

The supporters of additional gun control laws propose that guns are hardly used for self-defense, and extra laws can reduce gun deaths as well as decreasing the number of unintentional gun deaths. In contrary, the opponents claim that guns are needed for self-protection while guns law infringe this right because firearm possession discourages crime and more education on guns is needed to reduce gun deaths.

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Supplementary and additional laws for controlling possession and use of guns can significantly reduce the number of deaths resulting from gunshots. Statistics indicate that deaths resulting from firearms in the United States accounts for one out of every one hundred deaths. Almost twenty-five thousands of gun-deaths happen every year while two hundred thousand persons are injured by firearms (Gold 15). Legal acquisition or buying of a handgun is positively related to an on-going augmented peril of violent loss and death. All these deaths and accidents can be reduced by adding more laws that restrict the use and passion of firearms. According to (Hand 20), executing and implementing centralized, federal and universal contextual checks could lessen rifle deaths by almost fifty-six percent. Additionally, background authorizations for bullets procurements as well as gun credentials requirements could decrease deaths by approximately 80.7% and 82.5% respectively.

Conversely, the opponents suggest that what deter crimes are gun ownership and not gun control laws. According to Carter (46), assault weapons injunctions enacted between 1980 to 2013 did not substantially affect rates of murder at the national level as well as countries with limits on owning and carrying of hidden arms had greater gun-associated killings.  States that largely permit ownership of guns is seen to experience largest decreases in violent crimes.  As such, in the twentieth century, there was noted the double increase in gun possession as well as decreased rates of murder, meaning that increased ownership of guns reduced murder rates.

Proponents propose that guns are infrequently or rarely used in self-defense.  Out of much intense crime committed between 2011 and 2015, only less than one percent of victims that attempted to protect themselves with a threat use of a firearm, the least-employed defensive behavior (Hand 17).  In 2016, there were two hundred and thirty defensible killings where secluded citizen used a gun to kill a criminal, compared to about eight thousands illegal gun shootings.  Hence, the statistics depict that guns are rarely used for self-defense.

On the other hand, the opponents claim that gun control laws interfere with the self-defense right by denying people a sagacity or sense of safety. The fact that defending oneself entails a basic natural right that develops from the right to life, several rifle control rules interfere with the capacity of law-abiding residents to protect and defend themselves against violent and powerful criminals (Carter 51). According to NRA or the National Rifle Association, weapons or guns are used for self-defense for more than two point five million times a year. The reason behind this is that police are not in a position to defend and protect everybody all the time.

Furthermore, endorsing and sanctioning gun control laws like the obligatory safety features significantly decrease the amount of unintentional or accidental gun deaths. About fifty percent of unintended deadly gunfire was self-inflicted; as well a large number of unplanned shotgun deaths were triggered by family members or friends. According to Gold (68), nations with the utmost concentration or awareness of guns have nine times the sum of unintended rifle deaths as well as eighty-nine of accidental gunfire children deaths occurring in the home. A large number of deaths materialize when kids play with a loaded gun in the absence of their parents. Thus the only way to reduce these deaths is to enact laws enhances keeping guns out children reach or any unauthorized person.

Despite these facts, many opponents argue that further gun control is unnecessary because education regarding gun safety is what is required to avert unintended gun deaths. Ninety-five percent of US gun possessors believe that broods need to learn about gun protection and safety (Carter 51). In fact, the gun does not commit murder or shoot people, but it is a person who uses a gun to shoot people. As such, individuals require extra education gun usage as well as mental disease screening to avoid massacres.

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The paper has critically analyzed the contentious issue concerning the gun control.  Despite the fact that statistics show that enactment of gun control laws can reduce both unintended and planned gun deaths, the opponents of these laws claim that gun control not only infringe the right of self-defense but also increase the rates of guns death and only guns education can reduce unintended guns death. However, I think that gun control rules limiting ownership of a gun can decrease gun deaths because where there is no gun no one can shoot another person. But when a person possesses a gun, there is the likelihood of utilizing it.

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