Response to Terrorist Attack

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Zenith City is preparing to host its annual Lilac Festive in early June. The National Advisory Level is yellow, indicating an elevated risk of the terrorist attack. The city is really working hard to improve its attack preparedness based on both the threat level and the upcoming festival, which draws many non-residents to the city. The essay at hand therefore, will engage some of the questions under each chronological event to critically determine how the incident should be responded to.

Some primary or practical concerns regarding the coordination of public and private responses to the emergency during the festive event in Zenith city will be of the great importance to prevent several lives from being lost. In this incident, specifically the water utility personnel of the city, the county, locals, the state health officials, and persons of the law enforcement society should be invited as they will play a prominent role in the crisis management tragedy of this type. 

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In responding to the attack, it is essential to decide on a facility, training duration, date and the persons to invite. It is essential to invite the stakeholders in advance in the during time to ensure the attendance goal is attained. It is important to allow the adequate time for the planning and do prepare the necessary materials to use a head of time. Depending on whom to perform a particular role, it is essential to the participants to introduce themselves to make each person understand where the respondents of the attack are coming from and the role each individual is designed to perform. The participants are allowed to discuss their roles and the responses to an emergency tragedy. They should be open minded and know that there is no wrong or right answers so long as they are geared towards giving a substantive solution to the attack. Let the members know that the exercise is supposed to stimulate a discussion that may result towards the changes in a manner the participants carry out their daily emergency operations. Moreover, it is crucial to inform the participants that, even if the incident of the attack is set in the fictional Zenith City, it is crucial to discuss about the cases from their personal context of their own procedures and the protocols. It is likely to make the exercise more crucial for the participants since they are likely to exchange the emergency response practices, procedures, protocols, and the practices that they use currently. 

In responding to the attack, several criteria should be utilized to determine the vulnerability of the facilities to the terrorist attack. It constitutes the factors like the pollution, the accessibility, the economic impact, criticality to everyday life, and the symbolic measure. In the event of evaluating how vulnerable the facilities are, the local planners and the state should consider   the existing security measures that are in place and the need, if any, of upgrading the security. The planners should be aware that once the target lists and the vulnerability of the information are fully developed, well though decisions should be deliberated on regarding the security considerations for handling the information based upon applicable Federal Law and the State concerning the confidentiality and the public information. 

While particular events may differ, the emergency response and the protocol that are followed should have to remain consistent. After the occurrence of the incident, there is need to call for a help that is likely to come through the local 911 center. The information that is relayed through the dispatcher before the arrival of the first responds in the tragedy scene, as well as the initial valuation, will offer the first respondents with the primary data to start to respond to the threat. Through increased awareness and the training concerning the terrorist’s incidents, people are likely to be aware or strongly suspect that an incident has been voluntarily perpetrated in order to harm people, compromise the wellbeing of the public, damage the economy of the area and the environment. Therefore, there is need for the planners to be aware of the likely happening of the false warnings or the hoaxes. Since these however cannot be assumed, there is need to do through investigation, that results to wasted resources and the psychological torture that are associated with the exercise. It is important for the planners always to develop the effective procedures and offer effective training on how to deal with such kind of threats. 

It is important for the first respondents to protect themselves from the tragedy prior to the treating process of the victims. Responding to the terrorist acts should include the provisions for the appropriate individual protective equipment for the responders. The detective equipment for the chemicals and the explosive materials will help to identify the nature of the possible hazard. In that regard, the local and the state planners are supposed to identify the present availability of the concerned detective and protective equipment within their level best, determine if additional resources should be required to effectively protect the responders of the attack. In this event, the Zenith City residents are in danger after an explode on the shoreline of the lake. The bombing released a large amount of the smoke and the debris over the surface of the lake. The concerned authority assumes that no one was hurt in the event but is not certain. There is a suspicion that the kids are the ones who set the bomb a prank. This incident is likely to face a credentialing challenge since one is not sure if the act is for the terrorist or just a prank. 

Credentialing might be a specific challenge in the specific event in question. Credentialing constitutes the process of assessing the practice history and the qualifications of the licensed organizations in order to determine their legitimacy in handling various matters that affect their working areas. Some of the specific jurisdictional concerns I believe are associated with each event is that, there is need for the public and the private responders to always be alert to prepared to deal with any terrorist attack. 

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