Trail of Russian war crimes in Ukraine 

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Currently, the controversial war between Ukraine and Russia is the talk of the day globally. Russia invaded Ukraine on 24th February 2022, following the unending escalation which began in 2014 (Dickinson, 2022). The war has contributed to the unimaginable destruction of property and people’s lives. Moreover, it has contributed to the surging cost of living globally, where most countries have been affected regarding food product supplies such as wheat. However, Dickinson (2022) argues that the ongoing war between the two jurisdictions has contributed to crimes such as mass civilian torture and killings, rapes, usage of forbidden weapons, and so forth. Hereafter, the big question is, has Russia broken the international Geneva Convention laws, which monitor the ill-treatment of people? This report will provide a detailed, informative essay explaining how Russia’s crimes are against the treaty. The paper aims to comprehend the trial of Russian war crimes in Ukraine.

Russian Crimes in Ukraine

Russian crimes in Ukraine are increasing day-in-day-out. Victims succumb daily, while others are being displaced from their homes. Notably, many Ukrainians have sought refuge in other countries due to the war. However, Russian crimes are considered inhumane based on how the soldiers treat the people and face trials. For example, recently, Army sergeant Vadim Shishimarin, 21, was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment for fatally killing/shooting an unarmed Ukranian man (Treisman, 2022). This is one of the many inhumane killings which have taken place in the region ever since the war commenced. Other forms of crimes that have been identified include rape and the use of forbidden weapons, which threaten human livelihood.

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Bucha is one of the case scenarios which portray a clear picture of the Russian crimes in Ukraine. The crimes in the region included extrajudicial executions and torture in other occupied areas of Ukraine. According to Amnesty International, the violence and suffering encountered by the civilians were unexplainable, exposing Russia to the inhumane treatment of civilians. Further, indiscriminate attacks have killed many people, including children, and, at the same time, misplacing others (Treisman, 2022). Such treatments are unacceptable as per the international treaties such as the Geneva Convention because they cause human suffering. Logically and ethically, it is inhumane to kill a fellow human without their consent, regardless of the circumstances. Therefore, Russia’s attack on Bucha was critical and vicious.

Mariupol Massacre by Putin is one of the major tragedies of the 21st Century. The main reason for the massacre was to liberate the land from the Ukrainian government to the Russian jurisdiction (Ukrainer, 2022). The results of the massacre have caused annihilation and destruction, thus exposing people to more suffering and humiliation. Therefore, based on the brutal and cruel killings of the people in the city, Russia is eligible to face charges for causing loss of lives, property destruction, and causing unexplainable pain and suffering to the residents.

Geneva Convention Rules about the war

The Geneva Convention laws refer to a collection of treaties and accords concerning the treatment of civilians, compelled soldiers, and prisoners of war (Sayapin & Tsybulenko, 2018). The main crimes outlined by the convection include willful cause of grief and suffering, torture or inhumane killing, willful killing, and so forth. According to the assertions explained above regarding Bucha and Mariupol massacres, it is evident that Russia has violated the Geneva Convention rules and regulations about war. For instance, the war has contributed to the displacement of most Ukrainians who have become refugees (Fedorenko & Fedorenko 2022). This act is inhumane because it has caused pain and suffering to the victims. Also, it has contributed to other risks such as hunger and lack of basic life needs such as water and electricity. Therefore, Russia should be charged for this act.

In addition, the Geneva Conventions are against the willful killing of civilians regardless of the circumstances or forces at hand. Russia, through the guidelines of the current president, Putin, has persuaded its soldiers to kill Ukrainians regardless of their war contribution. This act is inhumane because it has led to the fatal death of many innocent souls (Ukrainer, 2022). Based on these acts, it is evident that Russia has violated the Geneva Convention guidelines. Moreover, some of the inhumane conduct seen during the war have not been experienced in the 21st Century and thus, is considered cruel.


Conclusively, crimes against humanity are unacceptable regardless of the contributing forces or situations. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has led to the death of many victims and has also contributed to massive destruction of property which, in return, has contributed to pain and suffering. The actions of the Russian soldiers toward the civilians exposes the country to violation of the Geneva Convention laws, and therefore, it should be charged. This study has explained these events in detail to enhance a comprehensive understanding of the situation and its effects.

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