The Nature of Instructional Design


This research characterizes the nature of instructional design (ID) through the consideration of its central tendencies. In defining ID It considers the extent that the discipline can be considered scientific and examines its definition as a technology, and examines its core components.
  • What is the discipline of instructional design?
Instructional design is the strategic use of techniques to facilitate a learning experience for students. Wilson (2004) writes, “The practice of instructional design has been defined as a science, a technology, a craft, and even an art.” Indeed, the very nature of instructional design is a contested issue, as theorists debate the relative nature of the discipline.
  • Do you believe instructional design aligns with a science? Why/Why not?
While it’s clear that instructional design incorporates scientific principles in its construction of instructional strategies, the extent that the discipline can be deemed strictly scientific is highly debatable. Indeed, this very question has been debated by Merrill (1966) and Wilson (2004).
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