Effects of Birth Order on Relationships as Applied to Erick Erickson’s Stages of Development

Erick Erickson has been a pioneer in psychology for his contribution in the field and the most famous is his Psychosocial Stages of Development.  In the “theory of psychosocial development” article, Ericson believed in his theory that the achievements and failures of earlier stages influence later stages, whereas later stages modify and transform earlier ones and views that psychosocial growth occurs in phases. Erickson explains eight developmental stages in which physical, cognitive, instinctual and sexual changes combine to trigger an internal crisis whose resolution results in either psychosocial regression or growth and the development of specific virtues and this virtue is defined as the inherent strength. An article in buzzle.com entitled, “Effects of Birth Order on Relationships” can be well explained by Erick Erickson’s psychosocial stages of development. In the article, it says that even when two siblings with identical upbringing still exhibit diverse personality traits and this is because their social environment is often different. Exposure to social environment is said to be largely dictated by the child’s birth order in the family. Birth order also impacts the interpersonal relationships.
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