Orientalism is simply the representation of the Arab world in a prejudiced way that is considered an embodiment of the colonialist perspective. The repertory of Orientalism is a collection of information relevant to the orient of the west to the Middle East. Professor Edward W. Said addresses the issue of the West viewing the Middle East from a restrained perspective that distorts the factual reality of the inhabitants of the Middle East. The film “On Orientalism” presents precise example of Orientalism through the repertoire of images, which, illustrate the Middle East as having sensual women, sexual secrets and monsters. This repertoire of images is  only a consistency of Orientalism that has no accurate relevance to the actual Orient. Professor Edward W. Said emphasizes that the descriptions and art works produced by great artists such as, Gerald De Nerval Edward W. Lane were taken as the objective knowledge about the Middle East. According to Professor Edward W. Said, all the Orientals were similar hence; Orient never develops thus a contradiction to the facts of history. The theme of Orientalism and empire is rooted in the reasons used to justify the colonization of the East by the European imperial powers. The launch of the war against terrorism by the U.S has been associated with affirmative terms such as “root out evil” especially during the reign of President George W. Bush to emphasize on the great military effort to restore sanity in the East. Thus, the East is portrayed as barbaric, evil and dangerous hence the U.S followed suit after the European imperial powers to launch military efforts in the Middle East (wings.buffalo.edu).
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