How to Write an Analytical Essay?

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Tips for Writing an Analytical Essay

Writing an analytical essay is a captivating activity. You get to write about things that get all the hype in the US or worldwide.

But if you want to wrap the task up fast and go do other important items on the to-do list for the day, like going to work, then you’ll want to follow some of the best practices brought to you by experienced essay writers – Grade Miners

Get a Good Topic

Analytical essay writing is all about getting a savvy topic. It has to draw the reader’s attention and make them want to read your paper until the very end.

To find a really great topic for your essay, analyze the… news headlines.

Who gets the biggest hype on the web nowadays? What technology is going to disrupt the world tomorrow? Which problems humanity will stand against in the future?

Your classmates and a teacher would like to know about it more, too.

Don’t Wait for Too Long to Start

Procrastination is every student’s greatest enemy.

Sometimes, we want to rest so much that we keek putting the tasks off till tomorrow so many times that it’s actually tomorrow and the deadline gets missed.

When homework is assigned, it’s best to start doing it on the same day. Don’t get lazy or you’ll be needing to find help writing an analytical essay to come out of a missed deadlines situation easily.

More days to work on your analytical essay will pay off with more consistent texts, less hasty writing pace, no stress, no anxiety, and no writer’s block.

Think of a Bulletproof Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is a key sentence of your essay that has to convey the main idea of the entire work.

In only one short sentence, you have to put in how you feel about the subject and make a solid claim. A good thesis statement also answers a question made in the title of your essay.

An essay with a weak or even absent thesis statement won’t bring you a positive grade. So focus on delivering a convincing thesis statement and rewrite it as many times as needed until you start feeling that it’s spotless.

Gather Reliable Sources

Strong analytical essays have to wield facts, data, quotes, and figures from reliable sources.

Do a Lot of Editing

Unlike procrastination, self-editing is every student’s best friend.

The better you proofread the texts and fix errors, typos, and syntax flaws – the higher the final grade will be.

History knows many great essays that scored fewer points only because a teacher found a lot of mistakes, regardless of how in-depth and engaging content was.

Read through your analytical essay in and out at least 3 times. Read your essay from the end to the beginning. Use Grammarly, as well as show the draft to a friend.

After you did an essay, sleep on it. In the morning, read it again a couple of times and only then turn the work in.

30 Topics for Analytical Essay Writing

  1. Why professional sportsmen use drugs?
  2. How is street art is a reflection of modern society?
  3. Five mistakes of President Trump in 2020.
  4. How proper dieting helps get through the quarantine?
  5. How to get along with people in a multi-cultural working and studying environment?
  6. How being raised in a single-parent family affects future choices?
  7. Negative effects of recreational drugs.
  8. Brick-and-mortar education is no longer important.
  9. How to write a winning admissions/scholarship essay.
  10. Pros and cons of shutting down nuclear power plants.
  11. Is it important for a teacher to be a role model for her students?
  12. For and against movies based on books.
  13. Pros and cons of Netflix.
  14. Cats are smarter than dogs.
  15. Working remotely is more effective than office hours.
  16. Does music have any positive effects on health?
  17. Cyberbullying makes the internet toxic.
  18. Sexual education in the age of Pornhub.
  19. Video games can lead children to behave violently.
  20. The importance of reading at least one book a week.
  21. Unemployment benefits should be lower.
  22. Professional athletes should be paid less.
  23. Are computer games a form of art?
  24. The importance of standing up for yourself.
  25. War on drugs and terrorism never seems to have an end.
  26. International Monetary Fund is a fraud.
  27. Why we should care about the poor so much?
  28. US immigration laws should be made more strict.
  29. Why people join up with organized crime?
  30. Why cops should be paid more?

Ideas for Analytical Essays

  • Effects of the new coronavirus on the global economy.
  • Importance of higher education.
  • Body positivity and gender fluidness.
  • Single-parent family problems.
  • Teenage drug and alcohol addiction.
  • Ongoing political situation in the US.
  • Men don’t get women.
  • Homosexuality is okay.
  • Proper nutrition and exercising.
  • Global financial crisis.

Need More Hands-on Analytical Essay Help?

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