Conduct Guidelines

Date updated: February 18th, 2024

Welcome to (henceforth referred to as 'Service,' 'Platform,' or 'Website'). The outlined Conduct Guidelines are crafted to ensure the appropriate use of this Website and to mitigate any risks of potential misuse.

Specific regulations may govern the usage of this Platform in particular regions, including the Commonwealth of Australia, Austria, the United Kingdom, and selected U.S. states (New York, Connecticut, Virginia, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Washington, California, Texas, New Jersey, Illinois, Maine, Nevada, Colorado, North Carolina, Maryland, and Florida).

We reserve the right to refuse any and all services to Users from the regions mentioned above and publicly share these Guidelines to clarify any potential confusion.

By using our Service, you (henceforth referred to as 'User,' 'Client,' or 'your,' 'yours') agree to abide by these Conduct Guidelines.

In case of any discrepancies between these Conduct Guidelines and other official documents accessible on the Website, the terms outlined in these Guidelines shall take precedence.

Academic Integrity:

Academic integrity represents an unwavering dedication to moral principles in scholarly pursuits, highlighting fairness and honesty—values that are profoundly rooted in our Service's values.

These Guidelines expressly prohibit all types of dishonest behavior, namely:

  • Copying others' work without permission and violating copyright laws.
  • Engaging in fraudulent activities, including contract cheating.
  • Pretending to be someone else.
  • Fabricating information and similar behaviors.

We kindly ask you to abstain from involvement in the mentioned activities when using our Website. We condemn such conduct and under no circumstance will support or partake in it. The primary objective of our Service is to aid clients in their academic journeys while maintaining academic honesty.

User Responsibilities:

By making a request through the Service, you confirm your commitment to utilizing the Website solely for personal, legitimate intentions. Furthermore, you pledge not to:

  • Engage in any unlawful actions, including the breach of any local, state, federal, or other laws.
  • Utilize the Website with harmful intentions.
  • Use the Platform to store or share any type of information.
  • Partake in actions intended to deceive or misguide others while accessing the Website.
  • Infringe upon honor codes or other guidelines set by your academic institution.

Fair Use Policy:

The materials (henceforth referred to as 'Model Work' or 'Products') provided by our experts are strictly meant for individual use. They shall serve as a roadmap, point of reference, or inspiration. It is highly advised that you avoid submitting them as your creative work, claiming authorship, or asserting copyright ownership over them.

By submitting requests with, you consent to:

  • Use the provided Products as instructed.
  • Abstain from reselling or handing the Products over to third parties.
  • Utilizing the received Products for commercial needs without the appropriate credit.

Prohibited Requests:

These Guidelines explicitly prohibit the below requests:

  • Using another person's identity with any intent.
  • Fabricating information of any kind, including citations.
  • Completing any assignment on behalf of a User.
  • Producing fake financial reports and other official documents.
  • Requesting answers for tests, quizzes, examinations, etc.

Please be aware that the above list is non-exhaustive and is provided solely as guidance.

Breach of these Conduct Guidelines will lead to the immediate removal of your account from the Platform, with no opportunity for reinstatement.

Rules of Conduct:, under no circumstance, will aid anyone in perpetrating fraud or engaging in any illegal activity.

Experts shall not render services to students if there is apprehension that the services will be abused (for example, the User's intent to submit Products as their own creative work). If proof suggests that an expert willingly aided any unlawful behavior, their Platform account will be deactivated without advance warning.

Clients shall not breach any rules or policies of their educational institutions or engage in any illegal activities at the time of Website use. They are also obligated not to submit Products supplied by experts as their own creative work.

Businesses are not allowed to prompt assigned experts to partake in deceptive, illicit actions or utilize the Platform with unlawful intent.

Educators (tutors, mentors, coaches, supervisors, instructors, etc.) shall not limit their students in accessing the resources, tools, and materials offered by the Platform, acknowledging their significance as essential elements of the learning process. We support your initiatives to cultivate transparency and honesty within your institutions and appreciate your dedication to preserving academic integrity. Therefore, we encourage you to immediately report any occurrences of breaches of these Guidelines.


While this Service is aimed at providing quality services, it's essential to understand that our team cannot guarantee the accuracy or likely results of the Products. They are solely intended for informational and inspirational purposes, and their utilization is entirely at the User's discretion and risk.


Please note that these Guidelines may be subject to changes without prior notification. As a Website User, it is your responsibility to review the above Guidelines and other Platform policies to stay informed of any updates or amendments.

By using, you acknowledge that you have read, comprehended, and agreed to the terms outlined in these Guidelines.

Contact Details:

If you have any questions regarding these Guidelines or other Platform policies, please feel free to get in touch with us. You can reach us via email at [email protected] or by calling our toll-free numbers at +1-845-999-3026 / +44-20-3677-5446.