Avoiding these Simple Mistakes when Writing American Revolution Essays

When in school whether high school or college, writing academic essays is a must as it tests the valuable lessons learned in the various courses. For this reason, it is necessary to learn the invaluable skill of essay writing so that you can upgrade your grades. It is common for students to commit various errors while writing their research papers; however, with much practice, they can improve their skills and become proficient in the American Revolution Essays. Here are some of the common simple mistakes that could cost one to fail on their academic essays.

Failure to include or having a weak Thesis Statement

Failure to include or having a weak Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is a vital segment of a university essay and is usually the last line in the introductory section. The thesis should never be left out as it helps the reader to know the main idea being discussed in the entire document. Moreover, the thesis needs to be the last sentence in the introduction and not used as an opening statement. This is because it helps in transitioning from the introductory part into the main body of the paper. Additionally, the thesis needs to be precise and strong.

Grammatical, Spelling and Pronouns mistakes

Firstly, when narrating events in an essay, you need to determine the tense you will employ and stick to that tense in the entire article. It is unacceptable to mix tenses when writing an academic essay.

Secondly, you need to know the appropriate form of contractions to use in essay writing. For instance, you’re is the short form for you are and not your. Thirdly, you must include complete sentences in your academic paper. One should never have dangling sentences that do not possess a subject and a verb.

The other common mistakes committed by students include having typos in their essay. Even though spelling mistakes do not show the proficiency of the writer’s grammar and language, it shows the lecturer or teacher that one is not keen on proofreading their work before handling it in.

Another significant concern is not to use a lot of quotes in the research paper. This is because an academic essay is meant to reflect a student understands of the subject matter and their research was done in support of such ideas. Therefore, incorporation of many quotes will undermine your authority on the subject. Lastly, all academic essays need to be worded in the third person and not the first or second person.


Plagiarism refers to the act of copying work done by another person and passing it as if you are the one who wrote it. Plagiarism is a serious concern that could make you get expelled from school. Moreover, with enhancement of technology, it has become relatively easy to detect plagiarism through the application of various software. Professors also know when a fellow student writes for another, so it is better for one to be honest and original in doing their work.

There are two primary forms in which one could plagiarize their academic essays. Firstly, it includes using the words of another author in your research paper without giving them credit. The second type of plagiarism includes re-wording another person’s entire article or part of it as opposed to developing own ideas.

For your essay to be free from plagiarism, it needs to have a new thesis, idea, and analysis obtained from credible research.

Use of appropriate Bibliography

The most commonly used bibliography format by academicians in the MLA style unless it is stated otherwise in the instructions. For this reason, one must be attentive and use the right style so that they do not use points over bibliography. This is because it is the easiest part of writing the essay unlike developing proper analysis for ideas in the paper.

Use of unreliable sources

The internet makes it easier to find several pieces of information on a given topic at the touch of a button. Nevertheless, most of these sources are not credible to be used for educational purposes; hence, one should be keen on finding the relevant, credible resources.

Examining the above mistakes and avoiding them when doing research papers will enhance your writing skills and guarantee you higher points, which will also make your instructors happier.

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