How to Write a Short Essay?

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Writing essays might seem quick and convenient at first sight. Most students believe it requires an hour or two at most. However, a short essay could be a really complicated assignment sometimes. Especially, when you wish to say a lot and have no idea how to deliver your thoughts comprehensively and shortly. Do you need assistance writing such a task? Find out everything about the paper’s peculiarities, format, structure, and examples in the article below.

What is a Short essay?

The short essay definition is an academic written assignment that requires a writer to formulate their thoughts and opinions according to the proper structure and within 500 words. Sometimes the assignment gets even shorter and requires only 200 words. Just like regular essays, it can be of different types: narrative, argumentative, expository, descriptive, etc.

The point of such assignments is to teach expressing thoughts in the shortest form. Students must avoid repetition and stick to being laconic. The paper doesn’t require cliché phrases, slang, and vague information. Only an opinion and facts, strong arguments, statistics to prove it.

How Many Paragraphs is a Short Essay?

When learning everything about the paper’s volume and style, it’s important to remember how to write a short essay according to the precise structure. The text must be subdivided into three main parts: introduction, body, and conclusion. While the opening and closing paragraphs are quite short and simple, the main part – the body – can contain several paragraphs. Each argument you use to prove your point of view must be singled out into a separate paragraph. So, depending on the essay’s length and content, the text could have between three and five paragraphs.

Keep in mind that sometimes the new assignment you receive from the teacher already mentions how many paragraphs there should be. Keep an eye on such details to create the best text.

Short Essay Format

When reading a sample short essay, you’ll notice that being clear is essential. It’s better to avoid complicated phrasing and sentences since they often confuse the readers and make the text hard to comprehend.

Choosing the proper terms and words is also significant. Stick to the academic vocabulary to make your paper sound convincing. When editing the paper, make sure you have the most crucial bits of information that are structured according to their relevance.  Furthermore, even short texts require references and quotes. Make sure to avoid plagiarism or copy/paste as well.

How to Start a Short Essay?

Before you begin the short essay writing, you should do some research. Look through the topical literature on the given theme, pick the best ideas, and strong facts to support your point of view. The preliminary stage serves as a proper foundation for the high-quality paper. It could be reasonable to make a mind map or draw the scheme of how each argument is connected to the other one. Such a visual representation will help you find where to start your text and how to present the rest of the data.

Giving the paper an extraordinary start is the best way to attract readers’ attention. There are plenty of ways to do that:

  • Pick a quote from a book or famous person;
  • Begin with a rhetorical question;
  • Use an unexpected statistical fact;
  • Describe the theme without revealing the arguments (since you’ll need them later in the text).

A strong and comprehensive beginning is a foundation for an excellent paper. However, it’s better to keep it simple and laconic. Too complicated or confusing introduction and ruin the impression from your paper.

However, a strong beginning doesn’t guarantee the rest of the text will be equally impressive. Dedicate enough time to the rest of the paper and deliver relevant information to support your ideas.

7 Tips on How to Write a Good Short Essay

Writing essays is always time- and energy-consuming. It requires good writing skills, enough knowledge about the subject, and attention to detail. In case you don’t feel confident about writing the paper, you can learn more about the writing process beforehand. Discover the list of the most helpful tips on how to write a short essay. It is sure to help you do the best job and write an outstanding essay.

Select an exciting topic you feel passionate about

In case the teacher hasn’t provided a specific topic and gave only general recommendations, do your research. Discover the latest news related to the subject and brainstorm the possible ideas you can dwell on. Pick the topic you are interested in to create a high-quality paper that will inspire others to learn more on the subject.

Mind the readers

It’s not always crucial to know how many paragraphs in a short essay but who will read the paper. Take into account their possible opinions, background knowledge on the topic, and other factors. Use proper stylistic devices to maintain their attention and comprehensively deliver your idea.

Make sure you have enough expertise before writing the text

Read on the chosen topic and learn as much as possible. It’s the most significant thing one should do in the shortest possible time to succeed with the essay’s content. Choosing relevant resources and respected scholars as a foundation for the paper increases readers’ trust and openness to the given information.

Focus on writing, eliminating every distraction

Many students are used to writing while listening to music, watching TV shows, or hearing others talk in the background. Such distractions can impact the text quality a lot. Moreover, it takes more time to write the text. So, to present the facts and arguments properly, it’s better to get rid of all distractions and temptations and focus solely on the topic.

Stick to the given requirements

In case a teacher/instructor/professor has a list of requirements and guidelines, make sure to address the given aspects. Ignoring such details can reflect poorly on the grades. Mark the essential details you must include in the paper and reread the text afterward to verify each requirement was accounted for.

Double-check the paper before submitting

Read the finished text several times to enhance clarity and remove all sorts of possible mistakes: typos, spelling errors, grammar mistakes, stylistic issues, etc. There are lots of websites that offer free proofreading software and premium services. Select the most helpful assistance and improve the paper before submitting it.

Delegate the job to professional

Writing a good essay requires lots of time and patience. If you don’t feel like writing the paper and following all the tips above, you can simply hire professional writers who will take care of those assignments for you. You are sure to receive high-quality texts on time and save time for other important things in your life.

Short essay examples

In case you prefer to write an essay on your own, reading some samples is always a good idea. These are free essays on various topics that anyone can download here and use to their benefit for at least two reasons.

First of all, good samples give an insight into how a high-quality essay looks like: what structure it has, how the arguments are arranged, what stylistic devices are used, etc. Such technical details can help learn the proper structure, formatting, and other key features.

Secondly, they can serve as an inspiration on what topic to pick, which aspects to focus on, and how to keep the readers interested in the content. Discover some excellent samples and create equally great papers using them. No charge necessary. They are free to use as you please but remember that others have access to them as well. Submitting them as your own is not the best solution.

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