Introducing an anxiety research paper

Defining terms and concepts is paramount in any research paper. In this case, anxiety needs to be defined for example as a normal emotion experienced by everyone at some point in life. Anxiety is caused by problems at work or nervousness when one is expected to make crucial decisions. There are however different types of anxiety disorders which hinder normal life functions. People suffering from anxiety tend to worry and fear more than the average person. Treatment is normally required so that the person suffering from anxiety is able to manage their feelings effectively and get on with their normal life. When writing a research paper on anxiety, it is important to address the following aspects.

The different types of anxiety disorders in an anxiety research paper

The different types of anxiety disorders in an anxiety research paper

An essay on anxiety may have to address, among other aspects, panic, social, phobia and general anxiety. A Panic disorder causes intense unexpected fear. This are what are normally referred to as panic attack. They are accompanied by profuse sweating, chest pains and irregular heartbeats with a feeling of shortness of breath. Secondly, in the social anxiety disorder, people become overwhelmed, worried and self-conscious of daily associations. They are fixated and consumed by the fear or embarrassment and ridicule. Third, Phobias include aspects where anxious people are prone to fear of specific activities or items ranging from animals, insects, flying, heights and many more. Sometimes they are so affected they are unable to move and seem paralyzed by their fear. General anxiety disorder, finally, makes one excessively and unrealistically worried and tense for no apparent reason. Sometimes their worries are so vivid they appear to be real life. Addressing such aspects in anxiety research paper makes it look professionally exceptional.

Writing about diagnosis and management of anxiety

Writing about diagnosis and management of anxiety

For most of anxiety disorders, you should let readers know that correct diagnosis is vital as they are all treated differently. The treatment prescribed is only effective when the medical practitioner has ascertained the underlying disorder. At least the reader of research papers on anxiety should be made to know that treatment could be one or a combination of several therapies consisting cognitive behavioral therapy, medication or psychotherapy. Antidepressants are a common figure in treatment of anxiety disorders.  These as well as curbing depression reduce the anxiety and panic a patient may suffer from.

It is also important to write about the signs of anxiety in the research upper. There is a wide range of signs and symptoms one can look out for to tell whether they or another individual is suffering from any of the anxiety disorders mentioned above. Uneasiness is one of those whereby someone seems jittery and like they are looking out for something or someone, this is also accompanied by fear and panic. Sleeping problems or insomnia can also be a sign of anxiety or any of its disorders, inability to calm down or stay still. The mental effects of anxiety disorders can also cause the sensation of suffocation or the inability to breathe properly. More symptoms may include irregular heart rhythms, dry mouth, nausea, muscular tension and dizziness.

It has not been clear to scholars on anxiety research articles though what really causes anxiety disorders. It’s mostly believed that a number of things combined are responsible. It might be genetic, environmental stress or change in brain activity or functionality especially the brain parts linked to distress and feelings. The problem with management of anxiety is in the fact that very few people can recognize it. Even when it is recognized, not many people know what to do about it. There is a widespread misconception about anxiety disorders which borders on mental health.

Providing empirical evidence

Just like any other paper, anxiety research must be backed up by evidence. The American National Institute of Mental Health is a good source of empirical data on anxiety. From this source, 18.1 percent of the adult population is affected by anxiety disorders. Some estimates are as high as 30%.  Other sources of empirical data can make your paper very effective.

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