Othello Essay Topic: Choosing a Perfect One for an Essay

Being one of the most popular plays of all time, Othello by Shakespeare raises topics that remain relevant today. The main character Othello, the Moor of Venice, is manipulated by the soldier Iago who is very envious of him. Without any prior investigation, Othello becomes influenced by the deceitful statements of Iago and it leads to a big tragedy.  

The topics of discussion around the Othello play are limitless. And that is why essays about Othello are so common for students in high school and college. We have prepared Othello essay topics below so you can choose your perfect one. Go on and get inspiration for writing an essay on this legendary play. 

What to Write About in Othello Essays

The Othello play is a vast field of discussion. Students in their essays usually describe characters, their interpretations, and values. Indeed, whichever theme you take from Othello, you can not only write an essay but a whole term paper. So here is what you can consider writing about in your Othello essay. 


From the very first scenes, the topic of prejudice is revealed around the Othello character. The way Iago and Roderigo address the main character is showing their racism. In most cases, they depict Othello as not worthy to be in high Venetian society. 


Love in Othello play is depicted in many forms and dimensions. There are multiple love lines between characters; the main one is between Othello and Desdemona. But further events show that this love was not built on trust since Othello easily gets influenced by rumors of Iago. 


The theme is actually revealed by the main character. Even being married to Desdemona, he became jealous of her cheating on him. This feeling didn’t give Othello any chance to seal the truth and it led to a real tragedy – killing Desdemona. 

Othello Themes Essay: Popular Topics 

Choosing a topic for your Othello essay can be overwhelming. This play can be viewed from different perspectives and angles. That is why we created for you a list of themes of the Othello essay topics. Choose your favorite one!

  • Analysis of literary devices in Skalespear’s “Othello”.
  • The character of Desdemona. Who is she?
  • What does the character of Iago represent? 
  • Is the love between Othello and Desdemona the true one?
  • Women in Othello play.
  • Domestic violence in Shakespeare’s “Othello”.
  • Exploring the theme of racism in the play.
  • What is the friendship between Othello and Iago?
  • What are the motives that lead Iago to lie about Desdemona?
  • Why wouldn’t Othello investigate the truth about Desdemona?
  • Is Othello the main character of the play?
  • Marxism in Othello by Shakespear.
  • Analysis of the evil character of the play.
  • How is feminism represented in the Othello story?
  • The theme of power in the Othello play. 
  • Is Iago a true villain?
  • The connection between Othello and the Aristotle tragedy.
  • Is Othello a true hero?
  • Comparative analysis of Desdemona and Emilia.
  • Morality in the character of Desdemona. 

Essay About Othello: How to Choose a Perfect Topic

When deciding on the Othello essay topics, you have to think from different angles. Here are the factors that should influence your choice:

  • Your preferences. Always choose the topic that interests you. If you are fond of the immoral character of Iago, you should not be afraid to take his side. 
  • The sources. Some topics are already being discussed by literature critics. Thus, it will be easier for you to build your essay.
  • The relevance. Some of the Othello essay topics are no longer relevant to today’s social problems. So your task is to choose a topic that the problems of which will be familiar to modern society.

Othello Essay: Conclusion

Writing an essay on the play “Othello” by Shakespeare is a pleasant and challenging task at the same time. And everything starts with the topic selection. So use our Othello essay topics ideas and compose your perfect one!


What do you write in an Othello essay?

There are so many themes that can be covered in an Othello essay. You can write about love, social prejudice, appearance and reality, trust, jealousy, friendship, feminism, hate, anger, and many other themes. 

What are the 5 themes of Othello?

Here are the examples of 5 themes for writing an Othello essay:

  • How should Othello act when revealing the rumors about Desdemona?
  • Is there a true friendship between Othello and Iago?
  • What are the motives for Iago to lie about Desdemona?
  • Why didn’t Othello investigate the truth about his wife?
  • Pathos and ethos in the play.

How long should an Othello Essay be?

The length of an essay depends on the requirements every educational institution sets. If there are no specific rules on how long the Othello essay should be, you can follow the traditional structure of the essay. Write the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. It should take you five paragraphs, three of which belong to the body part. 

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