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Looking for ACS Format Citation Generator for Newspaper Article?

ACS citing style was first introduced by the American Chemistry Society. You may wonder what sorts of disciplines require this style of formatting. Many students haven’t even heard about formats like IEEE or ACS before. Its name gives a hint: ACS is applied within Chemistry, sometimes Physics, Astronomy and some other precise sciences.

This format is known as a rather practical one. It excludes any conclusions. While the Modern Language Association and the American Psychological Association have released a lot of versions of their established academic writing styles, the American Chemical Association has only introduced three editions of their proposed format. You can download a free example from any academic library online.

As a rule, ACS referencing style is used with the same purpose as other existing academic writing formats: to cite and reference huge academic projects. The examples of such works include:

  • Research papers
  • Lab reports
  • Coursework projects
  • Term papers
  • Dissertations

Perhaps, you have no time left to observe the peculiarities of a new writing style. Thus, you should definitely pay attention to our recently released ACS format citation generator for newspaper article and other resources.

Different approaches to adding ACS in-text newspaper citation

There are basic features of the ACS referencing style you should know. Who knows: probably, one day you will face a need to format an essay by heart during one of the tests or exams.

First, mind that every citation has two parts in ACS style. The first type is known as the in-text citations. All styles have this feature. There are three ways to deal with such citations:

  • Superscript numbers
  • Italic numbers in brackets
  • Author’s name and publication date in brackets

Such system is widely defined as an author-date system. You have probably faced this one in Chicago or Turabian. These styles are pretty similar, by the way. Still, it is better to check whether you’re on the right way by applying our brand new citation generator.

The second part is a full reference list. Some papers contain it as Works Cited; others prefer References. In the most common sense, it is called simply Bibliography. This section provides the full bibliographic information for all sources applied throughout the paper. This part always appears at the end of your writing assignment.

For example, you have found the following useful information from several books:

“Aromatic, or partially or fully saturated – this course will focus on aromatic systems.”

A reference will look this way:

  1. Hoppert, M. Microscopic Techniques in Biotechnology; Wiley-VCH: Weinheim, 2003; pp 145-158.

You just need to specify that the sentence is a citation using a small upper number next. It looks similar to Chicago and Turabian formats.

Now then, there are many resources the writer may use during the process of writing. Students are encouraged to insert all types of citations including facts, literary quotes, metaphors, poetry lines and so on in their works to earn credit. Our free ACS newspaper citation generator was created basically to satisfy the needs of the students and writers looking for the newspapers to refer. Every source has to be formatted in its original manner. Thus, you cannot simply take an example of a reference for a book and do the same with the sources of another type. Try to set priorities. In general, you can choose between the following resources:

  • Textbooks
  • Books
  • Newspapers
  • Journals
  • Videos
  • Websites/other online sources

Why pick our solution when it comes to ACS referencing style for a newspaper

Books and newspapers are the best sources to use in academic writing. Why? Well, it says that the primary sources have to be credible, trustworthy, to-the-point and up-to-date. Modern teachers reject outdated Bibliographies. They insist that each source must be no older than 5-10 years. It all depends on how dynamic the topic is. However, when it comes to more or less stable subjects like Chemistry, you are allowed to use both old and recent sources as they all contain some dogmas that still work in our society.

If you agree that newspaper works the best, then add an ACS in-text newspaper citation using the following template:

(1) Writer’s Last Name, Initials. The title of the article. Publication Title, Date of Publication, Pages’ numbers.


(1) Cameron, G.G. The Essential Concepts of Modern Chemistry B.J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2014, A single page.

As for the In-text citation, the writer must include this part right after the quotation or reference to the source in your research paper.

You may wonder why our innovation is free of charge. Our academic writers are well-paid as they have a lot of orders associated with academic writing and editing. They believe that Bibliography all alone must be offered for free. These people understand that students do not have to exceed money to spend, so they do everything possible to save their finances. Together with the talented web developers, our academic writers and educators in one face have suggested that young writers use a free online generator to avoid problems with plagiarism and feedback.

Thanks to modern technological innovations and talented team of academic experts, it is possible to cope with the ACS-referred text in several minutes or even seconds. In case you miss some important details about the source, our generator can recognize the source you mean. To receive a full reference, take one of the following steps:

  • Type in source’s ISBN ten-digit number
  • Type in full website address (for online resources)

Our innovative solution has made it twice simpler to build ACS referencing style for a newspaper. You can be sure that our machine creates 100% accurate references in any style you wish.

Just after you enter the necessary information into the offered fields, the complete reference pops up for you. It takes seconds of your time. You could spend hours learning how to cite in the required style. Moreover, every user can store the generated references to apply them to the later papers. It is especially useful when you are about to write a lengthy dissertation in a long period. Every detail will be stored at your personal account!