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ACS citation style was created by the American Chemical Society to apply for papers written in the Chemistry field. If your goal is to make impeccable references in this format correctly, we recommend using a reliable ACS format citation generator.

Our company understands that for many students, it’s quite difficult to make perfect citations even if they read all the needed instructions beforehand. Sometimes, students don’t have enough time for this job but they still want to make good papers and receive high grades.

We recommend using our free citation generator to complete your papers successfully and improve your grades without wasting money. With this generator, you can manage your ACS citations easily and effectively. Our service understands that only experts in Chemistry can make citations properly.

Why Use Our Free ACS Format Citation Generator?

Needless to say, when you use an online citation generator, it’s more effective and time-saving than to create these citations manually. Our company offers a free ACS style citation generator to make perfect citations for your Chemistry paper just in a few minutes!

Get the next benefits when you’re using our ACS citation builder online:

  • Manage your references easily. When you use the ACS generator, it’s easier to manage your list of references. Sometimes it’s not so simple to manage the list and in-text citations.
  • Save your precious time. Create ACS citations automatically and complete your perfect Chemistry papers without wasting your time. It’s very simple to use a generator and get a perfect citation right away.
  • Synchronize your data. The generator allows you to synchronize information and share your sources for research and other data with other writers in the Chemistry field.
  • Save your money. You can use our ACS citation machine absolutely for free without any charging. It’s a great decision for students who live on a tight budget. Cite in ACS format free and make strong papers easily!
  • Simple to use. It was never simpler to use our automatic citation machine! Even if you have never used an online generator, it will not take a lot of time to understand how it works. Create proper citations just in a few clicks.

ACS Format Citations Tips & Hints

Creating a paper in ACS style isn’t an easy job. We decided to help and provide you with some effective and simple tips that may be useful for your future chemistry paper. Read the tips and hints below and feel free to follow them for making a successful manuscript without stress!

Use a proper ACS citation format

Check out if you have formatted your paper properly. Choose a well-readable font for your citations. We recommend using Times New Roman 14pt. Make sure you make a single space between the page lines in your text. Set margins of 3⁄4 inch on all sides of the page.

Make hanging indents

When you’re making the reference list entries, use hanging indents to make the spacing properly. In other words, all the lines must be indented 1⁄2 inch from the left margin on the page. If you’re working with Microsoft Word, find the hanging indents using Paragraph→Special→Hanging.

Arrange the entries properly

When you’re making a reference list, make sure you’re arranging the entries numerically following the footnote or endnote numbers. Type only the initials of the author instead of their full names and don’t forget to place a space between these initials.

Titles should be italicized

All the titles, journal volume numbers, and commas after the numbers must be italicized. This rule cannot be applied to issue numbers. If you’re using ACS format citations from certain articles in the journal, make sure you have included the issue number if every issue begins on the first page.

Don’t use any secondary sources

Remember that when you’re using the ACS style, it’s impossible to use secondary sources. Make sure you have located the original source of data when you’re citing a paper. Keep in memory that all the citations in your text must be included in the list of references.

ACS Style Citation Generator

It’s quite simple to use our ACS online generator to make citations for your Chemistry paper. Just follow the next steps to receive a proper citation:

  1. Select a source you want to reference in ACS format citation (book, journal, website, e-book, blog, etc).
  2. Type the title of the source (it may be the book title, site address, journal article’s title, etc).
  3. Type the author’s first and last name. If you’re working with a book, type its publisher. If you’re working with a journal, type its name, volume and issue numbers, and the page number.
  4. Type the date of publication. For the web page, include the data when it was viewed.
  5. Insert the quote itself you’re going to cite in your paper.
  6. Press a “Generate the citation” button and receive a proper citation in the ACS format.
  7. Copy the citation and paste it in your document.

As you can see, it’s easy and fast to use the ACS generator online. If you need more tips in using our free generator, find and watch the ACS citation video online to see examples.

The main goal of our company is to simplify your life, and we are providing students with an automatic citation generator to save their time and help them to make successful papers in the shortest time. Use this citation machine for free and complete your Chemistry papers without wasting nerves and money!

We know that reading long instructions and understanding the process can be difficult and time-wasting. Of course, you can watch an ACS cite video to get an idea of how to make citations manually but if you haven’t got enough time, you will not finish your document successfully.

Feel free to use an online ACS citation generator for your needs and make perfect documents without stress easily!