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This is What You Must Know about AMA Style Blog Citations

Blogs, just like other sources are relevant sources of information for academic. Often, they seem very simple and non-academic. However, the information composed is usually helpful in supporting ideas in your work. To some people, citing blogs in the AMA format is a no-brainer. For others, it is unfortunate because they can never get it right. This is the reason why our company provided an online platform to provide fast and reliable AMA citation services for blogs.  Let’s first examine how blogs can be cited using the AMA format.

Here are the guidelines:

  • The first step to citing blogs correctly using the AMA format is to list them down in your paper. Ensure that each and every blog citation in your paper is listed down alphabetically.
  • Also, ensure that you assign numeral values to your references. If for instance you have used a book as the first reference and it happens that the blog follows it, label it as number 2.
  • In the reference list, the blog should start by the author’s last name followed by an initial of their first name. The two should be separated by a comma.
  • After the name, indicate the title of the blog followed by a full stop.
  • Then, indicate where the blog is found. Blogs are internet sources, and thus a link should be provided.
  • After that, indicate when the blog was published. If an update was made, you should also indicate. The date should begin by the month, followed by the day, a comma and then the year.
  • In the end, indicate when you accessed the blog to use it in your paper
  • If you follow these guidelines carefully, the blog reference will appear like this: Hardy, R. The Future of Technology. March 4, 2017. Available at Remember, this is just an example of what is expected, and the link does not exist.
  • In the in-text citation, you will indicate a superscript of the number assigned to the blog in your references. If let’s say the blog reference is number 6 in your reference, the content derived from it can appear like this, “Technological advancements have improved the lives of people6.”

As you can see, the citing blogs using the AMA style is very easy. All you need to do is pay attention to the details.

Access Professional Help for Citing AMA Style Blogs

Have you ever wondered why blogs are important sources of information for academic work? Most often, lecturers recommend peer-reviewed references. However, blogs are equally good for education. First, they are entertaining. Blogs are usually written from a person’s point of view. The author can express themselves well, sometimes in a funny way. This helps in driving the point home in a way that is not boring. Secondly, the conversational tone used in blogs helps a student to decipher information quickly. As such, you can refer to blogs when you are stuck on a topic. They provide a lot of insights about the subject.

Among the major ways of scoring high grades in your essays is by citing references properly. Sometimes, you might be overwhelmed with school work, not confident enough to cite the paper properly, confused or simply do not how to go about using the AMA. If you are in this situation, we are here to help you. We have helped several students from several places around the globe to cite their papers in their correct formats.

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Our team is composed of writers who are well versed in citing work using several formats. It is good to know that whenever you seek our services, your request is carried out by either a degree holder, a master’s holder or a Ph.D. holder. Therefore, you can rest assured that your blog will be comprehensively cited in your work using the AMA format or any other style that you prefer.

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