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Citing a Dissertation AMA Style: Tips and Tricks

To some people, citing dissertations in the AMA format is very straightforward. However, some students still find it hard to cite such sources as is required in their papers. Among the major consequences of improper citations is that your work can appear as though it has been plagiarized. You definitely do not want this as it can lead to failure in your coursework or being forced to repeat the course by the administration. Due to these reasons, our company has established an online whereby students can seek help when they feel stranded to cite a dissertation in the AMA format.

Since putting citation is a common aspect of academics, let’s look at why it is important to do it appropriately.

  • Citing acts as a tool to check whether the content is based on facts. When writing academic work, the ideas presented must be supported by facts to promote accuracy of the work. As such, when dissertations or any other sources are used, it is important to indicate that the information has been derived from there. The information presented in dissertations is usually fact-based and thus accurate to support ideas in an essay.
  • Through citations, you can present comprehensive and in-depth information about the topic. Prior to citing a source, one must go through it thoroughly to blend its ideas with the subject of the paper. In the process, you gather research skills that are very important in academics. The presentation of comprehensive details in your assignment enables you to acquire high grades.
  • Proper citations are indications of a competent student. A competent writer is one who can present compelling information to the readers. Through citing sources properly, they exhibit that they can think critically, present well-researched facts, avoid generalizing information and express that they are knowledgeable about the subject. Competent students often have smooth academic experience with the teachers.
  • Citation promotes fast verification of work. If you are a student who might want their work to be published in credible journals, you have to cite properly. Many journal organizations are looking for writers who can make good attributions in their work. If your work is published for future reference, you can be viewed as a credible scholar in future.
  • Lastly, proper citations prevent your work from being regarded as plagiarized. Apart from copying other people’s work word for word, plagiarism also occurs when the sources are not cited The consequences of plagiarism are bad as you can be asked to take a forced academic leave or repeat the course. For such reasons, it is important to investigate about a citation format and use it appropriately in your work.

Citing a dissertation in the AMA format tends to be challenging for many students. However, it is very easy. When providing such services, our company utilizes the strategies outlined below.

How to Write AMA Style Dissertations in a Professional Manner

The AMA referencing style for dissertation contains the author’s name, the title of the dissertation, the place of publication, the publishers and the date.  For instance, in the reference list, it can appear in the following manner; Fred, A. Internet Marketing. New York, NY: Sage Publishers; 2018.

Remember, each source is usually assigned a number in the reference list. When putting an in-text citation, the information is usually followed by the number assigned to the source as a superscript. An example of an in-text citation is, “The report indicates that diabetes is on the rise3.”

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AMA dissertation services are offered in very many areas such as religion, marketing, business, technology, engineering, medicine and biology among other disciplines. The services are for high school, undergraduate as well as post graduate courses.

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